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Medical advice around the clock

If you are unwell and require medical treatment, you can be seen without an appointment or a trip to the waiting room. This way, you protect yourself and others from infection. Depending on the insurance model, there are many different options available to Sympany’s basic insurance customers that enable them to seek advice and treatment quickly – in person or digitally, even in the evenings or at weekends.

Medgate – 24/7 telephone/video consultations

For flexhelp24, callmed 24 and casamed pharm policyholders or those with plans which include a free choice of doctor (classic, euroline)

The Medgate app uses information about your symptoms to check whether a medical consultation by phone, video or live chat is possible, or whether you should go either to your doctor’s surgery or straight to a hospital emergency department.

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You can, of course, just give Medgate a call as well.

Or you can book a doctor’s appointment online >

For callmed 24, casamed pharm or flexhelp24 policyholders, the consultation fee will be covered in full with no cost contribution required. The only thing you will have to pay for are any call charges that apply.

Those with classic and euroline insurance will be charged for the consultation at the applicable rate. For these plans, both a cost contribution and call charges may be incurred.

How does the telephone/video consultation work? What happens when a patient is referred? Here you will find all the frequently asked questions about what to do when you experience health problems:

callmed 24 >

casamed pharm >

flexhelp24 >

eedoctors – the virtual medical centre

For casamed family doctor policyholders or those with plans which include a free choice of doctor (classic, euroline)

With the eedoctors app, you are treated via video consultation or live chats by doctors licensed to practise in Switzerland – wherever you may be at the time. Without having to make an appointment and every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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How eedoctors works >

The live chat service is free. The first 20 minutes of the consultation are charged at the applicable rate – there is no further charge thereafter. So the maximum amount you would pay is CHF 76 and what’s more, you receive specialist treatment. For policyholders covered by the classiccasamed family doctor or euroline (Germany and France) models, Sympany covers the treatment costs less any cost contribution.

Partner pharmacies– examinations without the wait: local, with a personal touch

For casamed pharm policyholders

The casamed pharm pharmacy model, together with Medgate, gives you 400 partner pharmacies as a first port of call. The pharmacies conduct simple examinations – for things like flu symptoms or rashes – in a separate room there and then. If necessary, a doctor gets involved by phone.

Here you will find a Sympany partner pharmacy near you >

Consultations at a pharmacy are free of charge for all casamed pharm policyholders. If the doctor issues you with a prescription, Sympany will cover the costs of the medication minus the cost contribution. You can get the medication directly from the pharmacy.

Skin Check – assess skin problems online

Whether it’s a rash, a prominent mole, a sun allergy, itchiness or red skin – get a dermatologist to look at your skin problems simply and quickly via smartphone.

  • Suitable for skin problems such as rashes, eczema, moles, etc.
  • All dermatologists are licensed in Switzerland
  • You will receive an assessment from a doctor with recommended treatment within 48 hours

This is how Skin Check works >

Customers with supplementary outpatient insurance plus or premium pay only CHF 44 instead of CHF 55 for the Skin Check.

24-hour emergency helpline – for medical emergencies abroad

Do you need to be treated abroad for an illness or accident? By calling our emergency helpline, you can double-check that Sympany will cover the treatment costs (i.e. obtain a cost assumption). The call operators will also tell you which practice or hospital you can go to and organise transport there and back if necessary.

+41 41 480 44 22

Please note: You will not receive any medical advice or treatment when using the emergency phone helpline. If you require medical assistance, please use the services outlined above.

There is no charge for the advice provided via the emergency helpline. Only your standard network charges are payable.

The costs of the prescribed medical treatment and medication will be covered by your basic insurance and/or supplementary insurance as per the cost assumption that has been granted. This may mean that you have to pay a cost contribution.

Tip: With tourist or tourist subito travel health insurance, you can enjoy increased and additional services such as extra return journeys for family members.

Never without your digital insurance card

Too many cards in your purse or wallet? The digital insurance card is all you need for treatment in Switzerland. You can find this in mySympany. Simply show this the next time you visit the doctor or pharmacy, and in many cases the treatment will be settled with Sympany directly.

Questions and answers about the insurance card >

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