Sympany has been committed to helping private individuals and companies for more than 100 years. It offers both health insurance and accident insurance as well as property and liability insurance. Its head office is in Basel.

As one of our customers, you will benefit from the first surplus model on the Swiss health insurance market which applies to both basic insurance and supplementary insurance. This model envisages repayments if medical treatment costs are lower than the figure which was anticipated when the premiums were set.

Structure and Organisation

The group of companies under the umbrella of the Sympany Foundation comprises five subsidiaries: Vivao Sympany AG, Moove Sympany AG, Kolping Krankenkasse AG, Sympany Versicherungen AG and Sympany Services AG.

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Facts and Figures

Sympany has around 253’000 private customers, some 195'000 of whom have basic insurance cover, all of them served by 483 employees. Sympany has around 4'500 companies in its corporate customer portfolio. Sympany gives its policyholders a direct stake in its success: in 2017, CHF 21.3 million was allocated to the surplus fund.

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Annual report

Sympany has again been able to be more profitable than it was last year. Its profit after surplus sharing stands at CHF 54.7 million, an increase of CHF 8.4 million over the previous year's figure. With the aim of giving its customers a share in the profit for 2017, Sympany has set aside CHF 21.3 million into the surplus fund under the VVG and KVG.

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The history of Sympany and its predecessor ÖKK, founded in Basel 100 years ago, has been an eventful one, marked by change, dynamism and challenges, by tradition and by innovation.

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We are active in the fields of sport and culture with the goal of creating added value for the company, our customers and our staff

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