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If you make use of medical services, you must also contribute to the costs – according to law. Part of the cost contribution is the franchise. You can determine its amount yourself. With a higher franchise, you will pay lower premiums.

Our tip: choose a franchise that you can easily pay at any time together with the deductible. You can choose from the following franchise options:

300.– 500.– 1'000.– 1'500.– 2'000.– 2'500.–



Vivao Sympany AG,
Kolping Krankenkasse AG*

0.– 200.– 400.–


Moove Sympany AG*

0.– 500.–    

* You can see your insurance provider on your policy as well as on every premium invoice or benefit statement. You can find these documents in your inbox in mySympany.

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