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Customer advisory council: shape ideas and help make decisions

Sympany is the only Swiss health insurer with a customer advisory council. We have set ourselves the simple aim of making it as easy as possible for our customers to contact Sympany and to sustainably increase their satisfaction.

Information which is easy to understand, clear documents and dialogue on an equal footing are the key to success and this is where the Sympany customer advisory council comes in. The customer advisory council consists of approximately 70 customers who share their opinions on various queries posed by experts in group discussions led by Sympany. At these meetings, participants evaluate suggestions on document layout, give feedback on the comprehensibility of information letters or contribute their own new ideas, for example. In this way, the customer advisory council makes a valuable contribution to improving our customer focus.

A prominent example of how we involve the customer advisory council is the revision of the benefit statement. This important document was completely revised in several steps due to suggestions made by the customer advisory council. The customer advisory council helped us make changes to both the layout and the content, and the new version was assessed as being very easy to understand. We are therefore very proud to present our new benefit statement which was created entirely according to the principle “By customers for customers”.

Would you like to join in? Apply!

As a member of our customer advisory council, you can help improve our services, contribute ideas and suggestions and represent the customer’s point of view. The group discussions generally take place in German in the evenings at the Sympany head office in Basel and last around an hour and a half.

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