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The Sympany Customer Advisory Council.

Our customers help us make things better.

Sympany is the only Swiss health insurer with a customer advisory council. The reason is clear: customer satisfaction is our top priority.

From advertising to real life.

Sympany relies fully on the customer advisory council. Not only in advertising, but also in real life.

Real customers – real solutions.

The Sympany Customer Advisory Council is made up of around 100 customers who discuss and vote on the proposals put forward by our experts. At their regular meetings, they evaluate suggestions on document layout, give feedback on the comprehensibility of informational letters and contribute their own new ideas, for example. This means they play a key role in making sure that all customers remain satisfied in the long term.

And it works. So practical.

Perhaps you know the feeling... You have several pages of complicated insurance language in front of you and you can barely understand what it all means. This is precisely the problem that our Customer Advisory Council works on. The aim is to make information easy to read and understand. For example, phrasing is simplified until the texts are understandable for everyone. We take great pride in having important documents checked by our Customer Advisory Council before publication, and in working together to ensure the best possible outcome.

Would you like to know more about the work of our Customer Advisory Council or might even consider joining? We look forward to hearing from you.

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