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Supplementary dental insurance

The smart way to avoid holes in your budget

If you need to go to the dentist, it can soon become expensive, because dental treatments aren't covered under basic insurance. This is why the supplementary dental insurance plan is available to provide contributions towards prophylaxis and treatment in Switzerland or neighbouring countries.

Benefits of supplementary dental insurance plans

dental insurance

Proven preventative measures against nasty surprises with dental treatment

You have three options to choose from. Depending on the model, Sympany covers 50% to 75% of the costs for treatments up to your chosen maximum amount. Good to know: supplementary dental insurance is free of charge for children up to the age of three.

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* Supplementary dental insurance is only available in combination with a hospital or outpatient supplement.

When do I need supplementary dental insurance?

At Sympany, the extraction of wisdom teeth is covered by the plus and premium supplementary outpatient insurance plans and the ‘dental’ dental insurance plan. All Sympany customers who have taken out at least one other insurance policy with us qualify for dental insurance.

Most dental treatments are covered exclusively by supplementary dental insurance. The additional outpatient offers make contributions towards orthodontic corrections. Sympany recommends that you take out both policies for children and young people.

Orthodontic treatments are covered by the plus and premium outpatient supplements for children and young people up to the age of 25. If you are over 25, the dental insurance plan will support you.

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