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Recording absences

Maternity. Illness. Occupational or non-occupational accident. There are many reasons for your employees to be absent. Here you will find all the information about making claims with Sympany.

Reporting absences online

BBTClaims: streamlined and convenient over the Internet

With BBTClaims, it's quick and easy to record and submit absences. It couldn’t be easier to notify us of any accidents, illness and pregnancies online, including documents such as medical certificates as attachments.

Sunetplus: practical and straight from your system

Do you record more than 15 cases per year? Would you like to regularly evaluate your data? As a Sympany customer, you can use the full version of Sunetplus for free and benefit from many functions, such as:

  • Submitting claims
  • Managing and evaluating benefits and absences
  • Connecting to staff systems (e.g. SAP), including import and export function
  • Analysing hazards

More information about Sunetplus (in German) >

Recording absences using forms

You can, of course, still record absences in the traditional way.  Simply download the relevant PDF, fill it in and send it to Sympany – by e-mail or by post to Sympany, Peter Merian-Weg 4, P.O. Box CH-4002 Basel.

Reporting a case of illness

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