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18 and an adult at last

Explore new horizons with proper insurance!

When you turn 18, you have your whole life ahead of you. So you can enjoy it to the full, your health insurer Sympany makes it easy for you. What will change? What are the options? Find the answers here.

Policy and power of attorney: stand on your own two feet!

Admittedly, there are nicer presents but, to mark your birthday, Sympany will give you your own policy when you want it. Until now, you were included on your mother or father’s policy. When you ask Customer Services to split your policy, from the next invoice date you will receive your own policy and all the related correspondence. More information on policy separation >

From you 18th birthday, you take charge of your own life – and that means your health insurance, too. Until now, you needed your parents’ permission for many things. Now, the reverse is true: to obtain information about your insurance, your parents need you to give them power of attorney.

Eine Person hält ein Smartphone in der Hand. Auf dem Bildschirm zu sehen ist das Kundenportal mySympany in der deutschen Sprachversion.

Keep track and protect the environment

In the mySympany customer portal, you receive all your documents online and can submit invoices and amend your details, enabling you to keep track of your insurance and protect the environment too.

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All about money: paying, receiving and taxing it

Premium invoice

Until now, your parents paid your premiums. Once you have your own policy, the premiums will be invoiced to you monthly, unless you set a different payment schedule. How to pay your invoices >

In Switzerland, health insurance is paid for by premiums which, like rent, are always paid in advance. The amount of the premiums depends on your age and place of residence as well as healthcare costs.

Been to the doctor? Benefit statement

Essentially, basic insurance covers medical treatment and medications. However, you pay some of the costs yourself, as required by law. Therefore, after each treatment or prescription, you will receive a benefit statement from Sympany. The current status of your cost contribution is always shown on this statement, and can be seen in mySympany.

You will often get money back from Sympany, such as reimbursements of invoices paid by you. To obtain reimbursements, please tell us your account details using the online form or mySympany. Otherwise, you will receive a cheque for payouts and will incur charges when you present this for payment at the post office counter. Please note that the account with the details you provide must belong to you. We cannot make payments into the account of either of your parents or any other person.

In January, you will receive a cost overview for your tax return, which will list all your invoices processed by Sympany between the date on which the joint policy was split and 31 December. Invoices processed before this will continue to be included in your mother or father’s cost overview. More information >

Premium discounts: get more from them

The law about basic health insurance defines three age groups. When you turn 19, you’ll be classed as a “young adult”, which means your discount will be lower and your premiums will go up. Here are some money-saving tips and discounts to keep your premiums as low as possible:

The franchise is the amount that you have to pay from your own pocket for your healthcare every year. The health insurance pays 90% of the expenditure above this amount, while your excess is 10%. The excess is prescribed by law and is up to CHF 700 per year for adults or CHF 350 per year for children.

Insured persons residing in Switzerland:
You choose your own franchise. The rule is: the higher the franchise, the lower the premium. Our tip: choose a franchise that you can easily pay at any time together with the excess. Change franchise >

Reaching the age of majority: at the age of 18 (or rather from 1 January of the year in which you turn 19), a franchise must be chosen for the first time. For your next policy, we apply the statutory standard franchise of CHF 300. You are welcome to inform us of a higher optional franchise by 31 December and thus save on premiums.

You have a choice of the following franchises:

300 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500
0 200 400 600    

Change franchise >

For persons resident in Switzerland, Sympany offers five alternative insurance models for basic health insurance. In the case of these Managed Care models, always get in touch with a pre-determined contact first when you’re ill, for example a pharmacist, your family doctor, the HMO practice or the Medgate telemedical centre.
How premium-saving models work >

If you choose a Managed Care model, you will receive a discount so that you pay much less in premiums than for the free choice of doctor model:

Switch insurance models >

Examples for discounts of alternative insurance models >

If you work for an employer for at least eight hours per week, you can exclude accident cover from your policy. This reduces your premiums by up to 7%. You are insured by your employer for work-related and non-work-related accidents.

Enjoy a 10% discount on outpatient* and supplementary hospital insurance* when you take out a three-year insurance policy. Valid for new policies and when switching to a model with higher insurance cover.

* Excludes plus natura, premium natura and hospita private.


Your premiums will now be invoiced to you, which means: you are responsible for their payment. However, it is up to you who ultimately pays them. To ensure that no premium invoice is overlooked, we recommend setting up a direct debit (LSV). This enables Sympany to debit outstanding premiums from your bank or post office account – or from your parents’ account. More about payment options >

Don’t worry: you only become responsible for all of the costs relating to your health insurance once you reach the age of 18. All premium invoices and benefit statements for the period before your 18th birthday must be paid by your parents. Debt enforcement proceedings cannot be initiated against you just because your parents failed to do so.

If you would like to change your health insurer – which we would truly regret – nothing stands in your way as long as you have paid all your bills from your 18th birthday onwards.

This is stipulated by law and applies to all insured persons who reach the age of majority from 1 January 2024.

In the event of hospital admission, the compulsory basic insurance pays both the treatment costs and the costs of accommodation and food. However, the law stipulates that, if you are admitted to hospital as an inpatient, you must contribute CHF 15 per day to the costs.

Children, young adults in education (up to 25 years) and women, in case of maternity benefits are exempt from the hospital contribution.

No. If you have completed at least 60 consecutive days of service (military, community or Red Cross service, civil protection), you can request reimbursement of your insurance premiums for that period. To do this, please send us a copy of your call-up for service.

Basic insurance protects you against the high costs of medical treatment and medications in the event of illness, accident and maternity. Nonetheless, there are many good reasons for taking out supplementary insurance. Furthermore, basic insurance does not cover certain services. Also, supplementary insurance provides a level of comfort that is very important when you are ill, such as greater privacy and treatment by a senior consultant at a hospital. Find out about the advantages of Sympany insurance here:

Go to compulsory Swiss basic insurance >

Go to Sympany's supplementary insurance plans >

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