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The benefit statement: reading aid

How to read the benefit statement: You can find out how the benefit statement looks and what the individual numbers mean here. The benefit statement consists of several pages, so you can see your statements and cost contribution in one place.

And that’s not all. Independent market research institution AmPuls rates our benefit statement as one of the easiest to understand on the market.

Title page – for a better overview

1 Payment overview for the whole family: paid benefits are listed for all family members.
2 Precise breakdown of the costs you have to pay yourself from the total amount.
3 Amounts marked in green or red show whether you will receive money (green) or whether you must pay money (red).
4 Up-to-date information on excesses and deductibles in the basic insurance cover is presented in graphs for all family members and explained simply.
Our tip: franchise and deductible simply explained >


Following pages – the benefits in detail

5 Each benefit (e.g. doctor, hospital, medication, therapy) is listed in detail and it is indicated whether the bill was paid by you or directly by Sympany.
6 Information on the insurance (basic or supplementary insurance) from which a benefit is paid.
7 Amount of the deductible (10%; for original preparations for which a generic is available: 40%). More information on the deductible >
8 The billing and treatment dates make it easy to assign each benefit to a submitted invoice.
9 Information on the maximum cost contribution that Sympany will assume for a benefit type
10 Reason as to why costs are not covered


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