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Coordinating with other social insurance providers

In many cases, the benefits of various insurance providers can overlap. Sympany coordinates the collaboration and supports you with the processing.

Disability insurance (IV)

Your canton of residence is responsible for claims arising from disability insurance. You can obtain their contact details from the AHV/IV information office >

Anyone who, for health reasons, is partially or completely restricted in their employment or their previous area of responsibility long-term, is entitled to receive disability insurance benefits.

IV disability pension leaflet (in German)

Application for professional integration and pension (in German)

The aim of early detection is for the person affected to keep their job and avoid disability.

Early detection and intervention leaflet (in German)

Application for early detection (in German)

Loss of earnings compensation (LEC)

For the first 14 weeks after the birth of their child, employed mothers receive maternity benefits. This is governed by the system of compensation for loss of earnings. Sympany provides benefits as part of the loss of income insurance in addition to the loss of earnings compensation.

Maternity benefits leaflet

Premium calculator health insurance