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June 2024

Do more yourself in mySympany

Need to change your personal details or update your bank account in mySympany? That’s been an option for a while. But soon you’ll be able to include and exclude accident cover there too.

Think about your health insurance before your holiday

Tourist walks through a narrow alley with a wheeled suitcase

Will my insurance cover me on a trip to the USA? And who should I contact in an emergency while I’m there? Here are some health insurance things to think about when you’re planning a holiday.

Should I register my baby with Sympany before the birth?

Schwangere sitzt auf einem Sofa und legt die Hände auf ihren Bauch

Or can it wait until after they’re born? Lots of parents-to-be ask themselves these kinds of questions. Check out our website for advice on how to ensure optimum insurance cover from day one.

Health guru or not a clue?

GIF in which a speech bubble is sketched. ‘Quiztime’ is written in the speech bubble.

How much do you think you know about health matters? Take our quiz to put your knowledge to the test.

Sympany Customer Advisory Council

Foto von Thomas Emmerich

“Our voices are heard! Our suggestions are put into action where possible, which just goes to show how much Sympany values us as customers.”
Thomas Emmerich, Customer Advisory Council

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