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June 2022

Financial security in the event of death or disability

Accidents can change the lives of those affected and their families forever. If a source of income is lost, for example, the financing of your own home can suddenly become uncertain. With good financial security, you can prepare for tomorrow today.

Travel insurance: refreshingly simple

Frau mit Rollkoffer

Do you want to travel spontaneously, safe in the knowledge that you are still fully insured? Our tourist subito travel health insurance is the ideal solution.

Generics: effective and affordable, guaranteed

Tabletten und Pillen, die neben einem geöffneten, auf der Seite liegenden Schraubglas liegen.

Generics are drugs that contain the same active ingredient, and the same amount of it, as the original – but are much cheaper.

Sympany Foundation: our support is making an impact

Stiftungstag 2022 der Stiftung Sympany

The Sympany Foundation supports projects to improve the healthcare system. The first Foundation Day was held recently.