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June 2020

The new benefit statement: simple and clear

The benefit statement is the document we send out the most and we create around 150,000 of them for our policyholders each month. However, there was the potential to improve them even further. This is why we have revised our benefit statement comprehensively together with our customer advisory council. We have implemented lots of feedback from our customers and we are delighted to be able to offer you a much-improved overview.

Would you like to join our customer advisory council?

Sympany is the only Swiss health insurer with a customer advisory council – and you can be a part of it. Help shape our services, share your ideas and represent the customer’s point of view.

Online skin check

Haut-Check – Hautprobleme online abklären. Schnell, ortsunabhängig und günstig.

Whether you have a rash, a suspicious-looking mole, a sun allergy, itchiness or red skin – seek advice for your skin problems from an experienced dermatologist simply and quickly on your smartphone.

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