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December 2019

Alternative medicine: how to find a therapist

Alternative treatment methods such as homeopathy, acupuncture or Ayurveda can help people recover after illness or an accident. Many forms of outpatient supplementary insurance offered by Sympany will pay a contribution towards such treatments. The new therapist search function makes it really easy for you to find out which methods and therapists are recognised by Sympany.

Illness during the evening or at the weekend

Child feeling feverish during the night? A nasty sprain at football training on a Saturday? Here’s what you can do when flu takes no account of opening hours or national borders.

mySympany app: photographing invoices just got easier

Blurry images are so ‘last year’: a new scan function will help you submit clearly legible documents. This makes it easier to put together your benefit statement.

Joint pains: when to see a doctor

Pain in the knee, elbow or wrist? A trip to the doctor's is not always necessary. Our health tip tells you what you can do yourself and when it would be better to see a doctor.

A happy and healthy 2020!

This is our wish for all our policyholders – and particularly those with health problems. This is why we are supporting the Sternschnuppe children's foundation with a donation of CHF 5,000. The foundation brings happiness and variety to the lives of children living with an illness, disability or the consequences of a serious injury. It has already made Pascal’s dreams come true: by arranging a meeting with Pippi Longstocking.

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