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April 2019

Comfort in hospital

More privacy and additional services thanks to supplementary insurance

Have you ever wondered what the point and purpose of supplementary hospital insurance is? Multiple occupancy rooms in hospitals are virtually a thing of the past. So why pay more? The answer – because sometimes you are more demanding when it matters.

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What is the cost contribution?

Franchise, deductible, hospital contribution

The Federal Law on Sickness Insurance stipulates that “policyholders contribute to the costs of the benefits provided for them.” Here you will find out everything you need to know about franchises, deductibles and hospital contributions.

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Thank you for a successful 2018

Sympany is concluding the 2018 business year with an excellent result.

So far this year, 7,400 new customers have decided to join Sympany, meaning a total of around 260,000 people are now insured with us. We are proud of this and would like to thank you all for your loyalty!

As a fair insurance company, Sympany allowed its customers to share in the company’s financial success in 2018 too thanks to the surplus payment. Six in ten Sympany policyholders received refunds. The excellent company result allows us to pay back surpluses once again in 2019 – from both basic and supplementary insurance. Payouts will be made following approval by the authorities in autumn.

Complete annual report 2018

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