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You ask questions, we answer

We answer the most frequent questions you ask our customer service.

  • In the mySympany App or on the website: Click on "Forgot password"
  • Make sure that you have not accidentally entered a blank space after the customer number
  • Under "Menu" > "Settings": click on "Digital only in mysympany"
  • Save changes


Note: You must make this change yourself, customer service cannot do this.

The insurance card will arrive around 6 weeks after you take out your insurance.

You will receive it around 2 weeks after taking out the insurance or after an adjustment.

  • You can find further information about changing the insurance model here >
  • If you want to adjust your franchise, you can find out more at Change my franchise

Adjust your accident cover fast and easy with our online form >

Exclusion of the accident cover:

  • When you start a job, if you work more than 8h per week for one employer.


Inclusion of the accident cover:

  • Upon leaving the company where you worked more than 8 h per week.
  • Upon retirement


Please note:

  • The change must be made at least one month before inclusion or exclusion
  •  Accident cover is valid for 30 days after leaving the company
  • For supplemental insurance, we recommend keeping accident cover because a health declaration is required upon re-enrollment

You can easily select your new family doctor or new HMO practice in our family doctor directory and inform us directly online.

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