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Continued cover for accidents with negotiated insurance

Extension of non-occupational accident insurance under the Federal Act of 20 March 1981 on Accident 
Insurance (AIA)

Mandatory accident insurance

If you work for an employer for at least eight hours per week, you are insured against both occupational and non-occupational accidents. The cover for non-occupational accidents exists for as long as you are entitled to at least 50 per cent of your salary (for example, if you claim a daily allowance due to an illness or accident) and for up to 31 days thereafter. If you register with the unemployment insurance authority before this deadline expires, your insurance cover will be extended. For further details about how to proceed should you become unemployed, please contact the office responsible for such matters in your place of residence.

A case for negotiated insurance

Are you planning to stop working permanently or temporarily, for example to take unpaid leave? With a negotiated insurance policy, you get guaranteed cover for non-occupational accidents and ensure you receive the full benefits you are entitled to under the terms of the Federal Act on Accident Insurance (AIA) should you suffer an accident.  For more information, you can call +41 58 262 41 86, e-mail E-Mail or contact your employer. 

I have had an accident. What should I do?

Please report any accidents to us immediately.

The accident form is available online or from your current employer. Please sign it and return it by e-mail to E-Mail or by post to Sympany, Leistungsmanagement, Postfach, 4001 Basel, Switzerland. 

Alternatively, you can report your accident to us by telephone: +41 58 262 41 86.

Duration of the negotiated insurance

The negotiated insurance policy starts the day after your company accident insurance cover expires. It ends when you start working for at least eight hours per week, but after six months at the latest.  

If you have cover under the military insurance or a foreign mandatory accident insurance policy, the negotiated insurance will be suspended.

Taking out negotiated insurance

When you pay the premium of CHF 40 per calendar month commenced, you receive coverage under a negotiated insurance policy. You will receive payment instructions once you submit the form. You must pay the premium no later than on the day on which the company's accident insurance ends. You can extend your negotiated insurance for up to six months in total by paying the premium again before the current month’s coverage expires.

Weekly working time exceeds eight hours (otherwise negotiated insurance unfortunately cannot be taken out) *
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Please note: your cover will continue for a further 31 days free of charge. The negotiated insurance begins after this period ends.

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