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Save on your health insurance premiums

We understand that the rising healthcare costs may cause policyholders to get themselves into financial difficulty. We are happy to show you a number of ways to save. You can then save on premiums entirely to suit you, yet still be free to choose your preferred insurance model and the amount of your franchise.

Sympany’s cost-saving tips and discounts

Find out here how to save money by increasing your franchise, switching to an alternative insurance model and excluding accident cover from your basic health insurance. You will also find important information about the premium reduction by your canton of residence.

This is the amount that you have to pay from your own pocket for your healthcare every year. The health insurance pays 90% of the expenditure above this amount, while your excess is 10%.

The excess is prescribed by law and is up to CHF 700 per year for adults or CHF 350 per year for children.

You choose your own franchise. The rule is: the higher the franchise, the lower the premium. Our tip: choose a franchise that you can easily pay at any time together with the excess.

Reaching the age of majority: at the age of 18, an excess must be chosen for the first time. In order to keep your premiums low, we will suggest an excess of CHF 2,500 in the next policy. This will become valid on 1 January of the year in which you turn 19.

You have a choice of the following franchises:

300.– 500.– 1'000.– 1'500.– 2'000.– 2'500.–
0.– 200.– 400.– 600.–    

* Vivao Sympany AG, Kolping Krankenkasse AG

Change franchise >

Sympany offers you five different models for your basic health insurance for you to choose from. In the case of these Managed Care models, always get in touch with a pre-determined contact first when you’re ill, for example a pharmacist, your family doctor, the HMO practice or the Medgate telemedical centre.

If you choose a Managed Care model, you will receive a discount so that you pay much less in premiums than for the free choice of doctor model:

Examples for discounts of alternative insurance models >

If you work for an employer for at least eight hours per week, you can exclude accident cover from your policy. This reduces your premiums by up to 7%. You are insured by your employer for work-related and non-work-related accidents.

If you undertake military, civilian, Red Cross or civil defence service for 60 or more consecutive days, you do not have to pay premiums for basic insurance in accordance with the Federal Law on Sickness Insurance (KVG). You will be covered by military insurance during your service. However, you will need to comply with the following procedure:

  • Notify Sympany approximately 80 days before starting your service by sending us a copy of your notice of being called up – you can do this via mySympany, by E-Mail or by post to Sympany, Peter Merian-Weg 4, CH-4002 Basel.
  • Send us confirmation that you have started your service when you join up. You will then not receive any premium invoices for basic insurance in accordance with the Federal Law on Sickness Insurance for the duration of your service.
  • If your length of service changes, please send us confirmation from your commander without delay.

Sympany awards a discount to customers who pay their yearly or six-monthly premium in advance. Customers enjoy a 2% discount when paying yearly and a 1% discount when paying every six months.

If you pay your yearly or six-monthly premium in advance, Sympany can reduce the processing time and save on administrative costs. We pass this saving directly onto you as a discount.

Please contact our Customer Services if you would like to receive a discount by paying your premium on a yearly or six-monthly basis in future.

Individuals and families on a low income are entitled to a reduction in their health insurance premiums in their canton of residence. Read more >

For the third and each child thereafter on the same policy, supplementary medical insurance is free up to the age of 18 if both older siblings are under 26, hold at least the same level of cover at Sympany and share the same household. The premium exemption does not apply to the capita illness product.

Children under the age of 19 are eligible for the family discount if one parent has at least the same level of cover as the child and shares the same household. The family discount is granted on supplementary medical insurance.

Sympany grants children and young people under the age of 19 a discount on the adult basic insurance premium of up to 77%.

Sympany grants young adults aged between 19 and 25 a discount on the adult basic insurance premium of 25%.

Enjoy a 10% discount on outpatient* and supplementary hospital insurance* when you take out a three-year insurance policy. Valid for new policies and when switching to a model with higher insurance cover.

* Excludes plus natura, premium natura and hospita private.

Save on medications

Mail-order pharmacies

Mail-order pharmacies make ordering easy and offer discounts on all prescription generics and original preparations.

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