Basic insurance pharmacy model casamed pharm: 400 times the help with no appointments or waiting times

Suddenly ill? casamed pharm is the basic insurance plan that makes around 400 Sympany partner pharmacies available to you throughout Switzerland. You will receive medical help in a separate room, of course, without having to wait. If necessary, a doctor is consulted by phone. Alternatively, you can contact the Medgate telemedicine centre at any time (+41 844 852 852).

  • If you’re ill, always contact a Sympany partner pharmacy or the Medgate telemedical centre first.
  • Your contact coordinates your treatment and, if necessary, refers you to your family doctor, a specialist or the hospital. You can contact your ophthalmologist, gynaecologist or paediatrician directly – no need for a referral.
  • You pay up to 14% less in premiums than for a model with a free choice of doctor.

Stephanie Lang, 42, boutique owner

Sympany’s pharmacy model is perfect for me. There is a partner pharmacy close to my boutique. They know me there and that’s a really good feeling. I am expertly advised and referred directly to a specialist when necessary.

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What does it mean if I choose the casamed pharm health insurance plan?

What treatments can be administered in the pharmacy?

Your pharmacist can carry out simple check-ups, e.g. for flu symptoms or skin rash, directly at the pharmacy. This saves you travel time, waiting time and unnecessary costs.

Do I always have to go to the same pharmacy or can I decide as and when?

A major advantage of casamed pharm: you can be flexible even when you’re on the move. You can contact any of our partner pharmacies in Switzerland at any time.

Can the pharmacist also give me a prescription, referral or medical certificate?

After your consultation, you’ll receive all the medicines you need for your treatment. Your pharmacy will call in a doctor for referrals, medical certificates and medicines on prescription.

Telemedical assistance:

+41 844 852 852

Please have your customer number (9 digits) ready. You will find this number on your insurance card, policy or benefit statement.

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