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Compulsory Swiss basic insurance from your health insurance provider

The same benefits for everyone across Switzerland

If you compare Swiss health insurers, you’ll find that the standard benefits in all basic insurance models are the same. This is what the law sets out. That’s why, when you change your health insurer and come to Sympany, we cover all the benefits under compulsory basic insurance.

Cost contribution

You will bear a small proportion of the costs yourself each year in accordance with the law (excess and deductible). You will pay 100% of the excess costs yourself. The excess can be selected each year and amounts to at least CHF 300 per year for adults. Only if the costs surpass the excess will the basic insurance take over – minus your deductible of 10% (up to a maximum of CHF 700 for adults per year). More information on cost contribution >

Tip: If you increase your excess share, your health insurance premiums will decrease significantly: More here >

General ward (multiple-occupancy rooms) according to the list of hospitals of your canton of residence

Treatment given by doctors, chiropractors and medical practitioners (as prescribed by a doctor)

According to the statutory lists of medicines as prescribed by a doctor

Acupuncture, anthroposophic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), classic homoeopathy and phytotherapy

Outpatient and inpatient (multiple-occupancy room)

Prescription glasses/contact lenses (up to 18 years of age): CHF 180 per year

Spa treatments as prescribed by a doctor: CHF 10 per day, up to 21 days per year

Check-ups, delivery, breastfeeding advice (three advisory sessions)

Read more: Insurance tips for expectant parents (PDF)

In a care home or at home (Spitex)

Vaccines, gynaecological check-ups (every three years)

Emergency transport, rescue costs (Switzerland): 50% of the costs

After an accident or serious illness

You can find a detailed overview of basic insurance benefits in the benefit overview and in the Terms and Conditions of Insurance (TC).

Sales advice

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