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Guaranteed, good, affordable!

Savings with no loss of quality
Generics are medications that contain the same active substance and quantities of active substances as the original preparation. They are however on average 30% cheaper, and in individual cases can be up to 60% cheaper.

Guaranteed quality
Generics meet the same official Swiss quality requirements as the original preparations. The generally lower prices for the same level of quality can mostly be explained by the expiry of patent protection on the active substance.

Contribution to premium stabilisation
Sympany, together with pharmacies, supports the promotion of generics. The consistent prescription of cheaper medications could produce savings of up to CHF 300 million a year in Switzerland.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist
Generics are already available for many of today’s medications, and more are constantly appearing. Choosing the correct medication is a precondition for the success of a given therapy. Ask your doctor or pharmacist whether there is suitable generic for the suggested treatment. If an original medicine is indicated on your prescription, the pharmacist can supply a cheaper imitation preparation on request but is obliged to inform your doctor.

Cost contribution regulations
Save 10% deductible with generics!
Since 1 January 2006, the deductible for generics that are paid for by your health insurance amounts to 10%, whereas it is 20% for original preparations paid for by your health insurance where a generic product is available.
Thus it is now even more important for patients to learn about the existing generics available.


Generics: Potential savings online

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