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Search for therapists of alternative medicine

Homeopathy, shiatsu or osteopathy – you can find all of Sympany’s recognised therapy methods and therapists for alternative medicine here. Supplementary outpatient insurance policies contribute to the treatment costs.

Alternative medicine: what does Sympany pay for?

Supplementary outpatient insurance

  • Sympany contributes to the costs of complementary medicine insofar as the treatment is medically necessary, effective, purposeful, economical and performed by one of our recognised service providers*.
  • Contributions vary depending on supplementary insurance. Example: from plus, 50% of treatment costs up to CHF 3,000 is refunded by Sympany per calendar year, while from premium, up to CHF 6,000 is refunded. You can find an overview of all contributions here: Alternative medicine therapy methods >
  • If the treatment is of long duration, Sympany will assess its obligation to pay benefits using a questionnaire. Once your therapist has filled in the questionnaire, we will be able to make a quick assessment of the cost contribution going forward.

Basic insurance

Basic insurance covers treatments in acupuncture, anthroposophic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), classic homoeopathy and phytotherapy (herbal medicine) – but only if the treatment is medically necessary and administered by a doctor (Dr. med.). You contribute to the costs with the franchise and deductible. Doctors are not displayed in the therapist search.

* Sympany recognises service providers that are registered with the Erfahrungsmedizinisches Register (EMR) in Basel or the Schweizerische Stiftung für Komplementärmedizin (ASCA) and have a higher-level qualification (Advanced Federal PET Diploma, certificate or industry certificate, Federal PET Diploma, bachelor’s or master’s degree).

Alternative medical treatment of the therapist's own family members is not covered.