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Splitting policies

Would you like to split your insurance policies going forward? We are here to answer any questions you may have about your Sympany insurance policies and help you through the process with a minimum of fuss.

To ask to split your policies, all you need to do is complete the following form and contact us by E-Mail or over the phone. This will allow us to make all necessary changes and replace your current joint policy with separate policies.

Need advice on how to adapt your policies to your new situation? We will be happy to assist you over the phone as well.

Frequently asked questions

You can split your policies quickly and easily by filling in the following form and contacting us by E-Mail or over the phone (+41 58 262 42 00). We will then issue your separate policies. Please let us know which individual(s) is (or are) withdrawing from the joint policy. If you haven’t done so yet, you can register here for mySympany as soon as you receive your individual policy.

Please let us know which policy the children should now be insured under. We will require signed confirmation from both parties to be able to create the new policies.

If you do not wish to confirm the policy split in writing, please send us a copy of the court or separation ruling showing who is responsible for childcare.

You can enter your new account details quickly and easily in mySympany. You can also send us your details using the online form. If you haven’t done so yet, you can register here for mySympany as soon as you receive your individual policy.

Basic insurance policyholders can continue to switch insurance models with effect from 1 January. With supplementary insurance, a medical examination is required in order to switch to higher cover. If you receive a positive response, you can switch models on the first day of the following month. You can opt for lower cover every 1 January.

You can check all the deadlines under Switch insurance models >

You will need your own policy once your shared household is dissolved. Whether you need home contents, buildings or liability insurance: Our home household contents insurance lets you tailor your insurance cover to suit your individual needs.

Please report any changes to your car motor insurance policy by e-mail at E-Mail or by calling +41 58 262 45 55. We can also check whether your current insurance cover still meets your requirements on request.

We will be very happy to check that your current insurance policies still meet your needs. You can call us on +41 58 262 42 00.

If your old policy includes tourist (permanent travel health insurance) or protect (protection of patient rights) insurance, these will be incorporated into both parties’ policies in future.

Useful information

Sympany provides a 30% family discount on supplementary insurance polices for children and young people under the age of 19. To be eligible for that discount, one parent must have at least the same level of insurance cover and live in the same household. Provided this condition is met, the discount will continue to apply to the new, separate policy as well. The discount does not apply to individual policies.

Money-saving tips and discounts >

Yes, the discount for children and young people under the age of 19 continues to apply after the joint policy has been split.

Click here for more information about the discount >

This depends on whether you change your place of residence as well after the policy split. Your premium may increase or decrease if you move to a different premium region.

More information about moving >

Sympany sends premium and benefit statements to the person in whose name the policy was taken out; he/she is responsible for paying those invoices. As soon as the split policies have been issued, each person receives a separate invoice that he/she is responsible for paying.

Register your new addresses quickly and easily via mySympany or using the online form.

More information about moving >

Moving to or from Switzerland after a split: What happens with your health insurance?

In Switzerland, the following obligation applies to basic insurance: If you move from abroad to live in Switzerland and work in Switzerland or draw your pension from outside Switzerland, you have to have health insurance in Switzerland.

Basic insurance covers the basic medical needs associated with illness, accidental injury and pregnancy. Voluntary supplementary insurance provides additional cover for outpatient and/or inpatient treatments.

A brief explanation of health insurance and accident insurance in Switzerland >

Sympany offers customers living abroad basic insurance in accordance with the Federal Law on Sickness Insurance through its euroline policy.

If you are still employed in Switzerland after moving abroad, you are classed as a border commuter. Border commuters are required to take out basic health insurance in Switzerland. The terms of the euroline insurance policy for border commuters are very favourable.

If you work in Switzerland, you are required to take out basic health insurance in Switzerland.

The Sympany euroline model is tailored specifically to the needs of border commuters. In the event of illness, you can go to the doctor either at home or near to where you work. euroline offers very favourable terms and benefits in line with compulsory basic insurance. If both parents are employed in Switzerland, their children can also be covered by euroline insurance.

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