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protect: legal expenses insurance in health matters

Clever preventative measures: legal and financial support in the event of a legal dispute

Insurance for legal protection in medical disputes is a useful kind of protection that you will hopefully never need. Until the need arises, of course. Accident, illness or disability caused by your doctor? Medical malpractice? Sympany protect provides reliable protection when you’re particularly emotionally and physically vulnerable.

  • protect guarantees you financial protection and advice anywhere in the world in cases of legal protection in connection with a health problem
  • You can receive up to CHF 250,000 per case in Europe and countries with a Mediterranean coast
  • You can receive up to CHF 50,000 per case in all other countries

Overview: benefits of the legal expenses insurance in health matters protect

  • Protection in legal disputes with medical service providers regarding health insurance
  • Legal advice
  • Legal representation
  • Covers the costs of lawyers and experts
  • Covers the legal and court costs owed by the policyholder
  • Covers potential court costs of the opposing party