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Views on health costs

As a foundation, Sympany is committed to a liberal, social and affordable healthcare system and to low-cost insurance cover. These factors form the foundation for high-quality healthcare in Switzerland, while at the same time guaranteeing the policyholder’s individual freedom of choice: free choice of doctor, hospital and health insurance.

However, health costs have been steadily rising for many years. There are many reasons for this. Sympany takes its responsibility for its premium payers seriously and is implementing various measures to keep the costs in check.

Why are health costs rising?

The rise in health costs is affected by a number of factors. What’s more, there is no single solution – and certainly no simple one – to curbing these rising costs. Therefore, all parties are called upon to play their part.

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How do costs translate into premiums?

The premiums in compulsory basic health insurance reflect the costs of healthcare. So, the more sharply the costs of medical treatments rise in a given year, the more premiums will rise in the following year.

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What is Sympany doing to counter rising health costs?

The relentless rise in health costs is a matter of concern to Sympany. High premiums are placing a strain on more and more households. Sympany is therefore fulfilling its responsibility and working to curb the rising costs and increase in premiums.

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What can policyholders do to combat rising health costs?

Policyholders can help curb rising costs themselves by adapting their behaviour.

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