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Pregnancy and baby

Enter a new phase with confidence and security!

Pregnancy brings with it a mix of emotions: great excitement about the future, with some worries thrown in. Questions arise, including when you are arranging insurance. Sympany wants you to enjoy your pregnancy in the most carefree way possible.

Benefits and cost contribution: mothers have special rights

Mums-to-be don't pay any franchise or deductible for a whole range of benefits at Sympany. During a normal pregnancy, birth and the mother's recovery period, basic insurance pays the statutory maternity benefits. These include

  • seven check-ups
  • two ultrasounds
  • a contribution towards antenatal courses
  • obstetrics by a doctor and midwife at home or in hospital
  • breastfeeding support
  • and hospital care for healthy newborns.

From the 13th week of pregnancy until eight weeks after the birth, no cost contribution is charged for illness-related treatments either (including complications). For pregnant women aged 35 and over, we pay for an amniocentesis.

An exclusive benefit for mothers and children: No matter which Sympany basic insurance model you choose, you can always contact your gynaecologist or paediatrician directly – no need for a referral.

Supplementary benefits? Best to plan early

If you want to have children, it's best to plan your personal insurance before you fall pregnant, so you can cross it off the to-do list. This is particularly important if you want a high level of cover under supplementary insurance because, during pregnancy, it is not usually possible to obtain higher insurance protection. Important information: supplementary insurance operates a waiting period of 270 days for insurance benefits arising from treatments relating to pregnancy.

The baby has arrived. Congratulations!

In the supplementary insurance, the premium for your newborn will be free in the month of birth. Insurance cover starts from birth.

Even more good news: Children and young people under the age of 19 receive a generous discount on their basic insurance premium with Sympany.

To allow both parents to spend time with their newborn together in the first few days, Sympany contributes up to CHF 100 per day towards the costs of a family room under the mother’s supplementary hospital insurance.

Our recommendation for mothers

When planning a family, consideration should also be given to insurance. Basic insurance can only be changed in specific time frames. If you want to take advantage of supplementary benefits for mothers, you must take out the supplementary insurance before you are pregnant. Sympany recommends the following products:

casamed ­­family doctor

The basic insurance where your family doctor becomes your most trusted adviser.


plus supplementary protection

Contributions for preventative measures, alternative medicine and medications not covered by statutory insurance.

hospita flex

Supplementary hospital insurance: when you’re admitted, you choose the general, semi-private or private ward.

You can get a quote for supplementary hospital insurance by filling in the contact form or by calling us on +41 58 262 39 70.


It’s not a requirement, but it’s an option.

Basic insurance: You can register your baby within three months of their birth. However, if you register them pre-birth, hospitals, medical centres and other practices can invoice Sympany directly from the day they are born.

Supplementary insurance: Sympany guarantees parents that their baby will be accepted unconditionally onto the well-established supplementary insurance plans hospita general, plus, dental, capita illness and capita accident without a risk assessment for up to three months after birth.

For higher levels of insurance cover, you need to complete a health questionnaire. To save yourself the effort of having to apply after giving birth, you can submit an application for higher insurance cover to Sympany before your child is due to be born. That means you will only have to fill in the health questionnaire once your newborn has arrived.

Tip: capita accident for your inquisitive little monkeys

Children play, run, jump around – and fall sometimes too. When you can’t rely on a guardian angel, our risk capital insurance policy, capita accident, provides financial support for any steps you need to take. Find out more >

Tips and recommendations for families >

In principle, you can adjust your insurance protection during pregnancy. However, for supplementary insurance there is a waiting period of 270 days for maternity benefits, which means that costs of this kind will not be covered during this period. Please therefore take out the insurance you require early on, to avoid any gaps in your cover.

If the mother has supplementary outpatient insurance, Sympany will pay an allowance of CHF 250 per child. The payment is made automatically after birth in hospital. For births at home or in a maternity clinic, please submit a copy of the birth certificate.

Sympany also pays for three breastfeeding support sessions under the basic insurance and contributes towards the costs of buying or hiring a breast pump.

Your first check-up after the birth is deemed to be a pregnancy-related benefit. Tip: Always check that your doctor has written “maternity” on the invoice. If not, ask for your invoice to be corrected.

All information on benefits available before, during and after childbirth can be found in the brochure Insurance tips for expectant parents >

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