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capita accident

Financial security in the event of death or disability

Carelessness, a wrong move – accidents happen quickly. With risk capital insurance from Sympany, you receive a freely disposable amount that supports you until you receive your disability benefit or mitigates the costs for your family in the event of your death.

On the safe side financially

  • Receive financial support in the event of disability and associated home conversion measures
  • Relieve the burden on your family in the event of death
  • Rapid payout with no dependence on other insurers

Our benefits for you

  • Up to CHF 1,050,000 in the event of disability *
  • Up to CHF 150,000 in the event of death *

* The detailed conditions can be found in the download area.

Other advantages

  • Generous benefits for low premiums
  • Different combinations of sums insured for death and disability possible
  • In the event of death: freedom to choose the order of beneficiaries
  • In the event of disability: progression in the case of total disability based on 350% up to 65 years of age
  • No new health declaration required in the case of existing hospital or outpatient supplementary insurance from Sympany

capita accident FAQs

Partial disability

  • e.g. loss or complete inability to use an arm or leg or part thereof, loss of vision in one eye

Total disability

  • e.g. loss or inability to use both arms or legs, total blindness

Sympany’s risk capital insurance offers progression of up to 350% in the event of disability. Progression ensures benefit levels increase if there is total or almost total disability following an accident. So benefit levels increase progressively as the degree of injury worsens. This means the insured person is better provided for financially in the event of higher degrees of disability.

Sample calculation:
The agreed insured sum is CHF 100,000. However, in the event of total disability, the insured person will receive significantly higher compensation as a result of progression. This means, instead of CHF 100,000, CHF 350,000 is paid out.

Yes. You will receive the amount regardless of where you are at the time of the accident.

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