Haut-Check – Hautprobleme online abklären. Schnell, ortsunabhängig und günstig.

Skin Check – assess skin problems online

Whether it’s a rash, a prominent mole, itchiness or red skin – get a dermatologist to assess your skin problems simply and quickly via smartphone.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for weeks to get an appointment with the dermatologist. The doctors who work for our partner OnlineDoctor – a Swiss start-up – assess skin problems quickly and professionally. You will receive a specialist assessment with recommended treatment within 48 hours. This gives you peace of mind.

  • Professional: all the dermatologists are licensed in Switzerland
  • Secure: medical secrecy, encrypted communication
  • Economical: you pay CHF 55 for a skin check. A consultation at a dermatology practice costs approximately twice as much

How does Skin Check work?

1. Choose a dermatologist
Click on Start Skin Check now and choose a dermatologist from OnlineDoctor. All the doctors are licensed in Switzerland.

2. Answer questions
You answer some brief questions, take photos of your skin problem and submit the query in an encrypted form to your chosen doctor. You pay CHF 55 by credit card, PayPal or TWINT.

3. Get an assessment
You will get a medical assessment of your skin problem and a specific recommendation about what you should do next by e-mail 48 hours later at the latest.

FAQs about Skin Check

Is my personal data secure? How secure is the data transfer?

Protecting your data is our highest priority. OnlineDoctor encrypts all transferred data via SSL/TLS. In order to guarantee maximum security, OnlineDoctor works with a two-factor authentication system. This additional security level guarantees that only you can access your personal recommended medical advice. All data is stored on a server in Switzerland.

Can I give the dermatologist feedback on their assessment?

The dermatologist’s assessment and recommendation are easy to understand and should answer all your questions. If the doctor needs any additional information, he will contact you by telephone. Further queries from the patient are not anticipated.

Who can use Skin Check?

Skin Check from OnlineDoctor is available to all Sympany policyholders with basic insurance and/or supplementary insurance and with Swiss residence.

Skin Check can be carried out by smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. In any case, you will need a mobile phone on which you will receive a 6-digit SMS code that you can use to download the dermatologist’s assessment.

Will Sympany cover the costs?

Skin Check is a self-paying service. Sympany does not cover any of the costs.

What can I do if I have not received any feedback within 48 hours?

First check the spam folder in your mailbox. The e-mail from the dermatologist may be there. If you have not received feedback by e-mail within 48 hours, please contact .

I am in an alternative insurance model. Can I still use Skin Check?

Yes, Skin Check is a service offer.

Policyholders with an alternative insurance model (casamed pharm, callmed 24, casamed hmo, casamed hausarzt, flexhelp24) must comply with the contractual provisions applicable to their model. But they can use OnlineDoctor to supplement this.

If your chosen OnlineDoctor dermatologist recommends that you have a consultation on site, you must go to your model doctor or practice with the recommended course of action. Your doctor will issue you with the necessary referral. Alternative insurance models from Sympany are casamed pharm, callmed 24, casamed hmo, casamed general practitioner, flexhelp24. The special conditions of the alternative insurance models are available here.

How much does Skin Check cost?

It costs CHF 55 per skin check incl. VAT. If the dermatologist recommends a visit to their practice, the cost of the visit and the consultation/treatment provided there is not included.

Can I also use Skin Check at the weekend and during holidays?

As a general rule, Skin Check is available seven days a week, all year round. It may be the case that your chosen dermatologist is on holiday and temporarily unavailable on the platform. In this case, simply choose an available dermatologist to handle your query.

Who has access to my data?

Only the dermatologist chosen by you can access the data/information that you have provided in order to make an assessment.

Sympany does not have access to the health data provided. OnlineDoctor does not receive any insurance, contractual or service information from Sympany.

OnlineDoctor and Sympany are partners

OnlineDoctor is a Swiss start-up. The company operates an online platform where users can obtain quick and cost-effective assessments from specialists licensed in Switzerland, no matter where they are.

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