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Moving house: tips to make it easy for Sympany to move with you

Are you moving house? Here’s what’s important regarding your health insurance:

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Swiss health insurance premiums are not the same everywhere: there are “premium regions”. If you switch premium regions when moving house (this can also occur within a canton), your premium may increase or fall. In this case, you’ll automatically receive a new policy from Sympany.

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You can generally only change your model at the usual times, even when you move house. In some cases however, switching models is necessary and possible – for example if you are insured with casamed hmo and there is no partner HMO centre near you. You can check this here: Find a HMO centre >
Not found an HMO centre near you? Please contact our customer service. We are happy to find a suitable model for you.

In the case of other Sympany insurance models with personal contacts, you can also count on comprehensive medical care after you move house:

casamed family doctor: Don’t yet know where there is a family doctor in your new place of residence? Search for a family doctor >
The eedoctors virtual medical centre is also available to all casamed family doctor policyholders – worldwide, with long office hours and without having to make an appointment. More information >

casamed pharm and flexhelp24: Find your new pharmacy (in German) or HMO centre online and you’ll also receive medical assistance over the phone at any time throughout Switzerland. If medical treatment is required, your contact will refer you to a doctor, specialist or hospital.

That can easily happen when you move house and it’s not a problem. If the premium in your new place of residence is higher, we’ll invoice you for the difference. If it’s lower, the difference will be deducted from the next premium invoice to be issued depending on your payment terms. If you pay annually or every six months, your account will be credited or debited accordingly.

Sympany advises you to remember to change the amount you pay by standing order so the payments continue without any problems.

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