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Moving house

Tips to make it easy for Sympany to move with you

Careful planning is required when you’re relocating, regardless of whether you’re only moving to the neighbouring municipality, another canton or even a different country. Sympany would be happy to support you with this.

Here you can find out what you need to know about your health insurance with regard to basic insurance and supplementary insurance and which property and risk insurance cover is right for you.

Are you moving house? Here’s what’s important regarding your health insurance:

Change of address and payment information

The easiest way to change your address is via mySympany (customer portal and app). Alternatively, you can let us know your new address via the web form or e-mail us at E-Mail.

If you have taken out car or motorcycle insurance with Sympany, please let us know your new address by e-mail to E-Mail or by calling +41 58 262 42 00.

If you would like to change the address for your Sympany household contents insurance, please send an e-mail to E-Mail or call +41 58 262 42 00.

The easiest way to change your payment details is via mySympany (customer portal and app). Alternatively, you can let us know your new account number via the web form or E-Mail.

Pay your invoices on time and effortlessly with direct debit via your bank or Swiss Direct Debit by PostFinance. You can do this by downloading the application form (payment authorisation), completing it and sending it to your bank or – if you have a PostFinance account – to Sympany. eBill ( makes it even easier.

Please note: unfortunately, it is not possible to pay for Sympany’s vehicle and household contents insurance policies by direct debit.

Find out more about changing your payment details >

Premiums and insurance models

Our online list makes it really quick: search for a medical practice >

All casamed family doctor policyholders also have access to the virtual family doctor practice by eedoctors – from anywhere in the world, with long office hours and no need to make an appointment.

casamed hmo policyholders have access to more than 450 centres and partner practices. Perhaps there is an HMO centre just around the corner from your new place of residence: find an HMO centre >

Otherwise, please contact our customer service team. We will be happy to find a suitable model for you.

casamed pharm pharmacy model and flexhelp24 policyholders can easily find their new pharmacy or partner practice online. You can also receive medical assistance by telephone throughout Switzerland at any time. If medical treatment is required, your contact will refer you to a doctor, specialist or hospital.

If you only have basic insurance: compulsory basic insurance covers costs in line with the hospital lists for your new canton of residence (in a general ward, multi-bed room). If you are unsure whether your treatment will be covered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Otherwise, it depends on your supplementary insurance policy. With hospita supplementary hospital insurance, you are free to choose which recognised hospital in Switzerland you wish to be treated in. Sympany offers a variety of options: you get to decide whether you prefer a general, semi-private or private ward – or whether you want to be flexible and decide on a case-by-case basis. And with hospita global, you can enjoy maximum comfort all over the world.

There is no extraordinary right of termination in the event of a move. The legally prescribed deadlines for cancelling or changing your health insurance still apply in this case: information about cancellation >

Moving from abroad
If you are coming to Switzerland from abroad, you can switch to Sympany immediately.
With the online premium calculator, you can generate a non-binding quote now. We would be happy to advise you! Arrange a consultation >

Swiss health insurance premiums are not the same everywhere – there are “premium regions” regulated by the government. If you switch premium regions when moving house (this can also occur within a canton), your premium may increase or fall. In this case, you’ll automatically receive a new policy from Sympany.

Calculate basic insurance premium >

Sometimes the invoice is generated before a change can be taken into account. Please destroy the old invoice and let us know by phone or e-mail. We would be happy to send you a new, corrected invoice. If you have received an eBill, simply reject it and let us know.

That can easily happen when you move house and it’s not a problem. If the premium in your new place of residence is higher, we’ll invoice you for the difference. If it’s lower, the difference will be deducted from the next premium invoice to be issued depending on your payment terms. If you pay annually or every six months, your account will be credited or debited accordingly.

Sympany advises you to remember to change the amount you pay by standing order so the payments continue without any problems.

Even if you move home, you can generally only change your health insurance model at the usual times.

In the case of alternative insurance models (family doctor, HMO, Telmed or pharmacy models), a change of model may be necessary and possible in some cases, for example if you are insured with casamed hmo and there is no partner HMO centre near you or HMO models are not offered in your canton. You can check this here: find an HMO centre >

New life situation

From your 18th birthday, you take charge of your own life – and that means your health insurance, too. Find out more >

With the online premium calculator, you can generate your personal, non-binding quote. We would be happy to advise you! Arrange a consultation >

Living in your own home for the first time is a great experience. To ensure that you can sit back and relax, we recommend two types of insurance: household contents insurance and personal liability insurance (in German). Household contents insurance insures your furnishings and treasured possessions against damage and loss, while private liability insurance protects you against claims for damages, e.g. by the landlord.

What's more, both household contents and personal liability insurance can be taken out not only for individuals, but also for the entire household, including all persons living there, making it ideal for families and shared flats.

Sympany offers specialised benefits relating to pregnancy and childbirth. Remember to insure your new child: recommendations and insurance tips >

In principle, you can adjust your insurance protection during pregnancy. However, for supplementary insurance there is a waiting period of 270 days for insurance benefits arising from treatments relating to pregnancy. It is therefore best to take out supplementary insurance before you become pregnant.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions: arrange a consultation >

Moving to Switzerland or abroad

In Switzerland, the following obligation applies to basic insurance: If you move from abroad to live in Switzerland and work in Switzerland or draw your pension from outside Switzerland, you have to have health insurance in Switzerland.

Basic insurance covers the basic medical needs associated with illness, accidental injury and pregnancy. Voluntary supplementary insurance provides additional cover for outpatient and/or inpatient treatments.

A brief explanation of health insurance and accident insurance in Switzerland >

If you move abroad, compulsory health insurance generally ends at the time of departure from Switzerland. In this case, Sympany only needs the deregistration confirmation from your municipality of residence by E-Mail and will terminate your contract on the day you deregister. 

However, due to social security agreements with other countries, there are exceptions for certain groups of people (e.g. pensioners, border commuters, posted workers).

If you are only working abroad for a Swiss company temporarily, you are deemed to be a posted worker. In this case, you can arrange a suspension for almost all supplementary insurance policies. Suspension will put the insurance policies in question on hold for the duration of your stay abroad, but for no longer than six years. This ensures that you will be able to continue the insurance policies at a later date under the same conditions as before your stay abroad. A new health declaration is not required. During your time abroad, you only pay a fraction of your premium.

If you are also working in Switzerland after moving abroad, you are considered a border commuter. Border commuters are required to take out basic health insurance in Switzerland. The euroline insurance policy for border commuters has very favourable terms.

As a rule, you can only continue to take out supplementary health insurance, household contents insurance and vehicle insurance as long as you live in Switzerland.

For more information on emigration, please visit the website of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

If you work in Switzerland, you are required to take out basic health insurance in Switzerland.

The Sympany euroline model is tailored specifically to the needs of border commuters. If you are ill, go to the doctor at your place of residence or work. euroline offers benefits under compulsory basic insurance – with particularly attractive conditions. If both parents are employed in Switzerland, their children can also be covered by euroline insurance.

All about flats, houses and vehicles

Whether it’s a cleaner, a gardener or a nanny, you are required by law to insure domestic workers against accidents. Sympany offers comprehensive cover for domestic employees with its compulsory accident insurance laa domestic employees policy.

With the personal liability cover provided by home household contents insurance (in German), Sympany covers damage caused by you as a tenant. At the same time, home allows you to insure your household contents. You can also use the move as an opportunity to check the insured sum for your household contents insurance.

Buildings insurance covers the costs of damage to your home, including associated garages, sheds, ornamental fountains, stairs, paths, etc. Cover includes damage caused by fire or natural hazards, damage caused by electricity or power failure, water or damage caused by burglary.

See all the benefits of buildings insurance (in German) >

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