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Basic insurance HMO/telmed model flexhelp24: double cover

Either. Or. And always right: with flexhelp24, you are guaranteed to receive the best medical care without the long wait. With this basic insurance model, you decide whether to call your telemedicine centre first (+41 844 654 654) or consult a doctor straight away at an HMO practice connected to flexhelp24. flexhelp24 is very straightforward and you save a lot on premiums:

  • If you’re ill, always contact a flexhelp24-affiliated HMO centre or the Medgate telemedical centre first.
  • Your contact coordinates your treatment and, if necessary, refers you to your family doctor, a specialist or the hospital. You can contact your ophthalmologist, gynaecologist or paediatrician directly – no need for a referral.
  • You pay up to 17% less in premiums than for a model with a free choice of doctor.

Gerard Magnin, 24, salesperson

With flexhelp24, I decide as and when: if things need to happen quickly, I call the telemedicine centre when I’m ill. Otherwise I’ll go to an HMO practice. It always works out!

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What does it mean if I choose the flexhelp24 health insurance plan?

It depends. You always have a contact person, even in emergency situations, and you receive comprehensive medical care. Depending on the situation and group practice, several medical specialists will be there for you when you’re ill.

Yes, some centres also offer specialised services alongside basic medical care. If you’re ill, please always contact your family doctor at your HMO centre first. If needed, the doctor will be more than happy to call in a specialist. Find a centre >

Yes. If needed, you can receive prescriptions, referrals or medical certificates by e-mail.

Telemedical assistance:

+41 844 654 654

Please have your customer number (9 digits) ready. You will find this number on your insurance card, policy or benefit statement.

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