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Vater und Mutter spielen mit ihren zwei Söhnen.

For families

  • Save on premiums with the family doctor model
  • Semi-private hospital ward option for greater comfort
  • Up to 3000 for non-reimbursable medicines

The optimal product package for you

casamed family doctor

Treatment by the family doctor

  • If you are sick, you always go to your family doctor first.
  • If necessary, your family doctor refers you to a specialist or the hospital.
  • You pay up to 12% less in premiums than for the free choice of doctor model.

Semi-private with deductible

Room with two beds

  • When entering the hospital, you choose a semi-private or general ward.
  • We pay transport and rescue costs of CHF 30’000.
  • You receive up to CHF 1470 for domestic help in case of accident, illness or birth.


Outpatient benefits plus

  • You receive up to CHF 300 for check-ups and up to CHF 220 for vaccinations.
  • We assume 80% of the costs associated with non-reimbursable medicines – up to a maximum of CHF 3000 per year.
  • We pay for transportation by ambulance and repatriation to Switzerland

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30% family discount

Children insured under the same family policy as at least one of the parents who live in the same household pay 30% less in premiums.

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