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For families

  • Save on premiums with the family doctor model
  • Semi-private hospital ward option for greater comfort
  • Up to 3000 for non-reimbursable medicines

The optimal product package for you

casamed ­­family doctor

The basic insurance where your family doctor becomes your most trusted adviser.


plus supplementary protection

Contributions for preventative measures, alternative medicine and medications not covered by statutory insurance.

hospita flex with the semi-private option

Supplementary hospital insurance: when entering the hospital, you choose a semi-private or general ward. Free choice of hospital and physician in Switzerland.

You can get a quote for supplementary hospital insurance by filling in the contact form or by calling us on +41 800 455 455.

30% family discount

Children insured under the same family policy as at least one of the parents who live in the same household pay 30% less in premiums.

Premium calculator basic insurance

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