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Sympany health insurance card

Versichertenkarte für die Grundversicherung von Sympany: Vorderseite mit Chip, Rückseite mit Magnetstreifen

Why will I be sent a health insurance card?

Anyone who takes out a basic insurance policy in Switzerland is sent a health insurance card with an electronic chip. The card is stipulated by the Federal Law on Sickness Insurance (KVG).

If you take out a supplementary insurance policy with Sympany without basic insurance, you will receive a card without a chip.

What benefits do I get from having a health insurance card?

  • The card acts as your insurance certificate. You always have the necessary information with you. Simply present the card – and the doctor, the pharmacy or the hospital will settle the benefits with Sympany. The card is also valid in the EU.
  • In the EU, the card makes it easier to get medical treatment and settle the bill in an emergency. You only pay the deductible valid in the country in question. The doctor or the hospital settles the other costs directly via Sympany.
  • The card with an electronic chip enables you to purchase prescription medicine in a pharmacy without using cash.
  • On the card you will find the emergency number for medical emergencies in Switzerland and abroad:
  • +41 41 480 44 22 (normal phone charges apply)
  1. Your personal details: first name, surname, gender, date of birth and AHV number.
  2. Information on your insurance cover with Sympany.

The Swiss Confederation obliges health insurers to provide this information electronically (Ordinance on the Insurance Card for Mandatory Health Insurance (ICO)). This gives doctors, pharmacies and hospitals easy access to patients’ personal details and information on their insurance cover.

Yes. However, in this case doctors, pharmacies and hospitals will no longer be able to access the required information about you and your insurance cover electronically. This makes settlement more laborious. Moreover, you will no longer be able to purchase medication in a pharmacy without cash.

If you would like to block the chip, please write to Sympany at:
Peter Merian-Weg 4
4002 Basel


If you take out basic insurance and supplementary insurance policies with different insurers, you will be sent several health insurance cards. Always present all cards. In this way, the doctors, pharmacies and hospitals can settle the benefits with the right insurance company.

Immediately phone Sympany’s customer service:

Switzerland: +41 58 262 42 00 (normal phone charges apply)

International: +41 800 455 500 (normal phone charges apply)

We will block the lost card and send you a new card.


Our customer service will be happy to inform you:

Switzerland: +41 58 262 42 00 (normal phone charges apply)

International: +41 800 455 500 (normal phone charges apply)

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