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The Sympany health insurance card

Always with you – in your wallet or in digital form

Your Sympany insurance card is your insurance certificate. It contains all the important information that doctors’ practices, pharmacies and hospitals need from you – in Switzerland and the EU. In most cases, medical treatment and medication can be settled directly with Sympany.

Tip: In Switzerland, you can also show your digital insurance card in mySympany. It’s particularly practical for families, as both parents thus have their children’s cards to hand at all times.

New insurance card for insured persons of Moove and Kolping

Moove Sympany AG and Kolping Krankenkasse AG will be merged with Vivao Sympany AG from 1 January 2024. Anyone who was previously insured with Moove or Kolping will receive a new insurance card. It will be valid from 1 January. Until then, please use your previous insurance card.

If you are already using the new card - no problem. Although the data cannot be read from the chip before 1 January 2024, your name and AHV number can be used to identify you in doctors’ practices and hospitals.

Useful information about your health insurance card

  • Medication: The card enables you to purchase medicine for which you have received a prescription in a pharmacy without using cash.
  • European insurance card: With the information on the back, your insurance card is also valid in the EU. It makes it easier to get medical treatment and settle the bill in emergencies. You only pay the statutory share of costs applicable in the country concerned. Doctors’ practices or hospitals settle the other costs directly through Sympany.
  • Border commuters: In Switzerland and the EU, you use the Swiss insurance card. In your country of residence, you will need a card from your partner health insurer.
  • Emergency number for medical emergencies abroad on the back: +41 41 480 44 22
    Here, you can find information about practices and hospitals where you are staying and check whether Sympany will cover the costs of treatment. If necessary, employees will organise transport and return journeys.
    More information on the emergency number >

FAO on the insurance card

For new clients, it is valid from the start of insurance

The following applies to existing clients:

  • in the event of changes in cover (such as inclusion of additional products or cancellation of individual products) from the date on which the change comes into effect – usually 1 January
  • in the event of changes to personal details: upon receipt of the new card

If you take out basic insurance and supplementary insurance policies with different insurers, you will be sent several health insurance cards. Always present all cards. In this way, the doctors, pharmacies and hospitals can settle the benefits with the right insurance company.

The following applies for border commuters:

  • In your country of residence, use the card issued by your partner health insurer.
  • In Switzerland or abroad, use the Swiss insurance card.

Don’t worry, you will still be able to receive treatment or medication. It may take four to six weeks for your card to be produced and sent out.

The best thing is to show your digital insurance card on your smartphone in mySympany. If this is not possible, you will receive a reimbursement receipt from your doctor’s practice or a receipt from your pharmacy which you can submit to Sympany.

Here’s how it works: Submitting invoices >

You will automatically receive a new card before the old one expires. You don’t need to do anything. Your digital insurance card in mySympany will also be renewed automatically after the expiry date.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Only one card can be issued for each insured person – in this case for each child. However, you can use the digital insurance card in mySympany to pay for treatments or to purchase medication in Switzerland. You always have them with you on your smartphone, in the app or in the customer portal.

Please note: For treatment abroad, you must present your physical insurance card – the digital card will not be recognised. If a parent is travelling alone with their child (or children), they must have the insurance card with them.

Immediately phone Sympany’s customer service: +41 58 262 42 00

We will block the lost card and send you a new card.


  1. Your personal details: first name, surname, gender, date of birth and AHV number.
  2. Information on your insurance cover with Sympany.

Anyone who takes out a basic insurance policy in Switzerland is sent a health insurance card with an electronic chip. The card is stipulated by the Federal Law on Sickness Insurance (KVG).

Health insurers are obliged to provide this information electronically (Ordinance on the Insurance Card for Mandatory Health Insurance ICO). This gives medical practices, pharmacies and hospitals easy access to patients’ personal details and information on their insurance cover.

This is what the Sympany insurance card looks like

Versichertenkarte für die Grundversicherung von Sympany: Vorderseite mit Chip, Rückseite mit Magnetstreifen
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