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Change my payment information

Sympany offers various payment options.

  • For eBill, please select “QR invoice” and set up eBill in your online banking.
  • To eliminate all the hassle of paying your bills on time, set up a direct debit (LSV) from a bank or Swiss Direct Debit (CH-DD) from PostFinance. Download the application form >

Get a discount – save money on your premiums

Did you know? You can save money if you pay your premium invoices in advance annually or every six months. If you pay annually, you will receive a 2% discount and if you pay every six months, you will receive a 1% discount.

A person is holding a smartphone. The screen shows the customer portal mySympany in the English language version.

Our tip

Change payment details in mySympany

In mySympany you only have to enter your new payment details - no personal data. That saves time! (But: Changing the payment rhythm is only possible with the form below).

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Change payment information without login

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* The QR-bill can also be used for payments at the post office counter. Attention: fees apply.

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