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Swim for free

Is water your favourite element? Then Sympany is the insurer for you.

Sympany is a fresh and different insurance company, which is why people aged 25 and under who are insured with us can go swimming for free in summer.

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The Sympany pool card

The Sympany pool card serves as an admission ticket to around 90 swimming pools in Switzerland and southern Germany. All eligible insured persons* will receive their personal Sympany pool card automatically before the start of the outdoor swimming season.

* All insured persons born in 1999 and after with at least one supplementary outpatient and one supplementary hospital insurance policy are eligible.

These are the participating outdoor pools and lidos:

Frick: Vitamare
Juraweg 13
Klingnau: Badi Klingnau
Widenweg 824
Laufenburg: Badi Laufenburg
Lenzburg: Schwimmbad Lenzburg
Seonerstrasse 25
Rheinfelden: Strandbad KuBa
Baslerstrasse 72
Wettingen: Gartenbad Tägi
Tägerhardstrasse 122
Wohlen: Freibad Bünzmatt
Allmendstrasse 50
Würenlos: Freibad Wiemel
Zofingen: Schwimmbad Zofingen


Herisau: Freibad Sonnenberg
Waldstatt: Schwimmbad Waldstatt
Schwimmbadweg 1


Aesch: Gartenbad Aesch
Dornacherstrasse 85
Arlesheim: Freibad Arlesheim
Schwimmbadweg 10
Binningen: Sonnenbad St. Margarethen
Friedhofstrasse 9
Buus: badibuus
Sellmattstrasse 15
Laufen: Schwimmbad Nau
Liestal: Volksbad Gitterli
Militärstrasse 18
Pratteln: Schwimmbad Sandgruben
Reinach: Schwimmbad Reinach
Mühlemattweg 24
Sissach: Badi Sissach
Teichweg 66

Belforterstrasse 135

Egliseestrasse 85

Rheinbad St. Johann
St. Johanns-Rheinweg 50

St. Jakob
St. Jakobs-Strasse 400


Aarberg: Schwimmbad Aarberg
Volzweg 1
Bern: Freibad Ka-We-De
Jubiläumsstrasse 101
Frutigen: Sportzentrum Frutigen
Sportweg 1
Grosshöchstetten: Freibad Grosshöchstetten
Moosweg 26
Herzogenbuchsee: Frei- und Hallenbad Herzogenbuchsee
Eigenweg 10
Huttwil: Badi Huttwil
Luzernstrasse 26a
Interlaken: Freiluftbad Bödelibad
Kirchberg: Badi Kirchberg
Obere Schache 9
Köniz: Badeanlage Weiermatt
Dorfbachstasse 21
Langnau i.E.: Freibad Langnau
Schützenweg 253 / Moos
Laupen: Regiobadi Sense
Gillenauweg 40
Münsingen: Parkbad Münsingen
Belpbergstrasse 50
Schüpfen: Schwimmbad Schüpfen
Weinhalde 2
Thun: Strandbad Thun
Strandbadweg 10
Worb: Schwimmbad Wislepark
Sportweg 10


Kerzers/Chiètres: Schwimmbad Kerzers
Oelegasse 102
Murten/Morat: Strandbad Murten
Lausannestrasse 2


Emmen: Freibad Mooshüsli
Mooshüslistrasse 41
Kriens: Freibad Kleinfeld
Horwerstrasse 24
Reiden: Badi Reiden
Sursee: Strandbad Sursee
Am Trichter, Strandbadweg
Willisau: Freibad Willisau


Hergiswil: Badi Hergiswil
Seestrasse 102


Beringen: Schwimmbad Beringen
Neuhausen: Schwimmbad Otterstall
Schaffhausen: KSS Schaffhausen
Breitenaustrasse 117


Brunnen:  Strandbad Hopfräben
Gersauerstrasse 83
Küssnacht am Rigi: Strandbad Seeburg
Seeburgstrasse 18
Schwyz: Seebad Seewen
Seemattliweg 25


Balsthal: Schwimmbad Moos
Gerlafingen: Schwimmbad Eichholz
Messen: Badi Messen
Hauptstrasse 104
Olten: Schwimmbad Olten
Schützenmattweg 3
Solothurn: Freibad an der Aare 
Römerstrasse 49
Zuchwil: Sportzentrum Zuchwil AG
Amselweg 59


Bad Ragaz: Giessenparkbad
Seestrasse 41
Rorschach: Strandbad Rorschach
Churerstrasse 4
St. Gallen:

Familienbad Dreilinden
Dreilindenstrasse 50

Freibad Lerchenfeld
Zürcher Strasse 152

Freibad Rotmonten
Waldgutstrasse 9

Widnau: Freibad Widnau
Aegetenstrasse 70

Freibad Weierwise
Weierwisenstrasse 4

IGP Sportpark Bergholz (Freibad)
Feldstrasse 40


Bischofszell: Schwimmbad Bischofszell
Niederbürer Strasse 14


Altdorf: Schwimmbad Altdorf
Flüelerstrasse 104


Baar: Freibad Lättich
Lättichstrasse 10
Rotkreuz: Freibad Rotkreuz
Buonaserstrasse 33a
Unterägeri: Strandbad Lido
Lidostrasse 113


Adliswil: Freibad im Tal
Talstrasse 10
Bülach: Freibad Bülach
Schwimmbadstrasse 12
Dielsdorf: Freibad Erlen
Niederhaslistrasse 20
Dietikon: Freibad Fondli
Fondlistrasse 7
Dietlikon: Freibad aqua-life
Faisswiesen 10
Dübendorf: Freibad Oberdorf
Oberdorfstrasse 23
Embrach: Badi Talegg
Taleggstrasse 30 
Fischenthal: Schwimmbad Steg
Ohrütistrasse 22
8496 Steg
Männedorf: Strandbad Sonnenfeld
Ziegelhüttenweg 1
Schlieren: Bio- und Gartenbad Im Moos
Schulstrasse 48

Dorfbad Uster
Florastrasse 22

Strandbad Uster
Uferweg 7

Wallisellen: Water World Wallisellen (Freibad)
Alte Winterthurerstrasse 62
Wiesendangen: Schwimmbad Büel
Zollikon: Freibad Fohrbach
Witelliker Strasse 47
Zumikon: Bad Juch
Juch 1
Zürich: Dolder Bad
Adlisbergstrasse 36


Kandern: Freibad Kandern
Schwimmbadweg 1
Lauchringen: Freibad Lauchringen
Lauchringer Str. 15
Lörrach: Parkschwimmbad Lörrach
Tumringer Strasse 271
Murg: MuRheNa Naturerlebnisbad Murg
Am Freibad 1
Weil am Rhein: Freibad Laguna
Am Wasserwerk 2


“Swim for free” FAQs

You will receive your Sympany pool card via post by the beginning of May at the latest.

Yes, only the Sympany pool card will entitle you to free entry. Your insurance card or health insurance card will not be sufficient.

Please inform us of the loss using the contact form so that we can order a new Sympany pool card for you. You will receive the replacement card by post within a few days.

We are constantly working to add more pools to the “Swim for free” scheme. Unfortunately, not all of the pools we ask can or want to sign up.

Please send us a message via the contact form if your favourite pool is not on the list.

The “Swim for free” scheme is for Sympany policyholders aged 25 and under (born in 1999) with at least one supplementary outpatient and one supplementary hospital insurance policy.

Until 2020, euroline customers received a Sympany pool card as a gesture of goodwill.

Since then, however, the Federal Office of Public Health has explicitly prohibited this kind of benefit across the entire sector. Sympany is therefore no longer permitted to offer euroline customers a Sympany pool card. We sincerely regret this. We would have gladly continued to offer the “Swim for free” scheme to these policyholders.

Questions? Lost your pool card?

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