Sports contribution: keep fit

However you choose to keep fit, be it at a gym, a gymnastics or football club, yoga or dance classes, we will support you with a contribution of up to CHF 300 a year.

Regular exercise has a positive effect on mental well-being and prevents cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Physical activity combined with a healthy diet makes for a balanced, healthier life.

Sympany pays a sports contribution to support your chosen physical activity. Each year, you receive a subsidy towards the costs of your gym subscription, membership of a sports club or attending a wellness course.

Sports contribution: how it works

The contribution towards your healthy lifestyle is paid under the supplementary outpatient insurance.

  • plus: sports contribution of up to CHF 200 per calendar year

  • premium: sports contribution of up to CHF 300 per calendar year

To obtain the sports contribution, simply send us written confirmation from the gym, club or course provider – either by , via the mySympany customer portal or by post: Sympany, Peter Merian-Weg 4, 4002 Basel.

plus and premium

Supplementary outpatient insurance

This insurance contributes towards check-ups, vaccines, medications not covered by statutory health insurance, transport and more.

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