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Sports contribution

However you choose to keep fit, be it at a fitness centre, gym or football club, spinning or yoga course: we will support you with a contribution of up to CHF 300 a year.

Sympany supports health-conscious behaviour and numerous activities with its sports contribution. Each year, you will receive a subsidy towards the costs of your fitness centre subscription, membership of a sports club or participation in a health-promoting, fitness or relaxation course.

The contribution towards your healthy lifestyle is paid under the supplementary outpatient insurance.*

  • plus: sports contribution of up to CHF 200 per calendar year
  • premium: sports contribution of up to CHF 300 per calendar year

* Sympany’s outpatient insurance policies which are no longer offered also contribute to a healthy lifestyle, such as general supplement or private supplement.

Recognised types of sport, fitness centres and courses

These activities and providers are recognised – and you can see here how much supplementary outpatient insurance pays towards the costs.

“Get fit” contributions are paid each calendar year: plus up to CHF 150; premium up to CHF 250
Courses only

  • Mindfulness training (MBSR, etc.)
  • Alexander technique (group course with alternative therapists)
  • Autogenic training
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Nutrition coaching 
  • Nutrition courses 
  • Feldenkrais
  • Medical training therapy (MTT)
  • Nordic walking
  • Personal health coach® 
  • Weight loss programmes
  • Smoking cessation
  • Fall prevention and balance training
  • WeightWatchers

“Stay fit” contributions each calendar year: plus up to CHF 200, premium up to CHF 300
Only with active club membership 

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Disabled/paraplegic sports
  • Football
  • Handball
  • Hockey (in different versions)
  • Athletic sports
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Gymnastics
  • Cycling (racing bike, cycle ball, cyclo-cross)
  • Volleyball
  • Water sports (water polo, swimming club, rowing, kayaking)

“Stay fit” contributions each calendar year: plus up to CHF 200, premium up to CHF 300
Certified providers only, subscription period at least 3 months. A subscription is only subsidised once; the start date is decisive (except for multi-annual contracts)

“Stay fit” contributions each calendar year: plus up to CHF 200, premium up to CHF 300
Only if not already included in the gym membership; courses only, no individual admissions

  • Aerobics
  • Antara®
  • Aqua fitness
  • Belly, legs and buttocks
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Body toning
  • Circuit training
  • Fat burn
  • Functional training
  • Gymnastics
  • High Intensity Training HIIT (M.A.X. etc.)
  • Courses to strengthen your back muscles
  • NIA
  • Pilates
  • Qigong
  • Spinning®
  • Tae Bo®/TôsôX
  • Tai chi
  • TRX training
  • Yoga
  • Zumba

“Stay fit” contributions each calendar year: plus up to CHF 200, premium up to CHF 300

  • EMS training (minimum 10 units)
  • Disease-specific sports groups (e.g. cancer, osteoporosis, etc.)
  • Climbing hall (semi-annual and annual subscriptions)
  • Personal training (at least 10 units)
  • Qigong (group course with alternative therapists)
  • Tai chi (group course with alternative therapists)
  • Yoga (group course with alternative therapists)

How reimbursement works

Send us written confirmation from the fitness studio, club or course provider (with the date and the invoice amount) – either by E-Mail, via the mySympany customer portal/app or by post: Sympany, Peter Merian-Weg 4, 4002 Basel.

We will check the document, send you a benefit statement and transfer the sports contribution to your account.

Questions and answers about the sports contribution

The sports contribution only supports the activities listed on the website.

The list of supported activities is based on the following criteria:

  • Quality, for example, training of course instructors/staff, hygiene and maintenance standards
  • Intensity, duration and regularity of exercise (subscription/course model)
  • Exclusion of types of sport with an increased risk of injury/accident

Sympany recognises fitness centres that are certified by QualiCert, Qualitop, SFGV and Fitness-Guide.

Fitness centres in Germany/France (only with premium):

Supplementary outpatient insurance basically covers benefits in Switzerland.

Policyholders with premium also receive the sports contribution for the activities on the list abroad.

Fitness centres:

Types of sport with an increased risk of injury/accident, such as martial arts and extreme sports, activities for learning a sport such as swimming and skiing courses, leisure activities such as horse riding and circus courses, and courses for promoting parent-child relationships such as baby swimming and toddler gymnastics are excluded from the sports contribution.

Likewise, there are no contributions for swimming pool or other admission fees or for club sport types that do not involve regularity or a higher level of sporting intensity.

No, high-risk sports are in general not supported by the sports contribution due to the increased risk of injury/accident.

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