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Supplementary outpatient insurance

For those appealing extras

The affordable option with excellent benefits – it’s easy for you to supplement your basic insurance with Sympany’s affordable supplementary outpatient insurance. You will receive contributions towards preventative measures and vaccinations. There are also generous additional contributions for medicines not covered by statutory health insurance and alternative medicine.Search for therapists of alternative medicine >


Go for plus if you want alternative medical treatment every now and again and want to receive contributions towards check-ups.


Sympany recommends premium if you have alternative medical treatment on a more regular basis.

Tip: with premium, contributions are twice as high as with the plus plan in many cases.

Overview: benefits of supplementary outpatient insurance

Outpatient benefits – plus

The supplementary insurance for preventative measures and those appealing extras

Considerable contributions, for example towards optional medications, alternative medicine and your individual preventative health measures.

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Outpatient benefits – premium

For particularly generous outpatient benefits

In many cases, contributions are twice as high as with the plus plan. For optional medications, alternative medicine and your individual preventative health measures.

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What does it mean if I choose supplementary outpatient insurance?

There are many good reasons for taking out the premium and plus supplementary outpatient insurance plans with Sympany. In a nutshell, you could say that you can ensure meaningful added value to your healing and prevention at home and abroad for a modest amount.

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The important question here is – how old are you? Children and young people up to the age of 18 receive a contribution of CHF 180 a year for glasses and contact lenses under basic insurance. 

  • The plus and premium supplementary outpatient insurance plans cover up to CHF 420 a year for children, depending on the model. 
  • Adults only receive contributions with the outpatient supplement, up to CHF 420 every three years, depending on the model.

This depends on your insurance plan. Even your basic insurance with Sympany covers alternative methods such as acupuncture, homoeopathy and more, provided the therapy is carried out by a recognised doctor. Supplementary outpatient insurance expands your options up to a maximum annual amount determined by your model.

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