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Supplementary outpatient insurance

For medications not covered by statutory insurance, alternative medicine, preventative measures, etc.

The affordable option with excellent benefits – it’s easy for you to supplement your basic insurance with Sympany’s affordable supplementary outpatient insurance. 


Basic outpatient supplement

Closes the gaps in basic insurance cover and contributes to medications not covered by statutory insurance, alternative medicine, transport costs and preventative measures.


Extra outpatient supplement

Offers the same benefits as plus, but with substantially higher contributions.

The “VZ Test 2024 – A Comparison of Health Insurers” guide confirms that Sympany’s supplementary outpatient insurance premium offers above-average benefits. See for yourself!

Outpatient benefits – an overview

  • Medications not covered by basic insurance: if prescribed by a doctor
  • Alternative medicine: numerous methods and remedies
  • Emergency transport and rescue: increases the limited basic insurance benefits
  • Preventative measures: vaccinations, check-ups, health promotion, sport
  • Maternity: prenatal classes and breastfeeding allowance
  • Remedial aids: glasses, contact lenses, insoles etc.

Comparison of plus and premium outpatient benefits

Tips on how to save on your supplementary insurance

Multi-year discount

3% discount on contracts with a 3-year term

Cash discount

Up to 2% discount for those who pay annually or every six months

What does it mean if I choose supplementary outpatient insurance?

Outpatient benefits are all benefits for which a hospital stay is not required, i.e.: therapies, treatments and minor procedures in doctors' practices, medications, aids, etc. Many of these benefits are covered by basic insurance, but not all and not in full. With supplementary outpatient insurance, you can insure what you would otherwise have to pay for yourself – and not just in Switzerland, but sometimes also abroad.

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The important question here is – how old are you? Children and young people up to the age of 18 receive a contribution of CHF 180 a year for glasses and contact lenses under basic insurance. 

  • The plus and premium supplementary outpatient insurance plans cover up to CHF 420 a year for children, depending on the model. 
  • Adults only receive contributions with the outpatient supplement, up to CHF 420 every three years, depending on the model.

This depends on your insurance plan. Even your basic insurance with Sympany covers alternative methods such as acupuncture, anthroposophic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), classic homoeopathy and phytotherapy, on the condition that the therapy is provided by recognised doctors.
More about this in the overview of basic insurance benefits >

Supplementary outpatient insurance expands your choice of treatment methods and covers the costs of treatments and remedies up to a maximum annual amount determined by the model you have chosen. The natura option even covers additional alternative medical treatment methods (“advanced treatment methods”).

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