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Supplementary outpatient insurance plus

The perfect upgrade to basic insurance

Basic insurance does not cover all important outpatient benefits, such as medications, emergency transport, vaccinations, glasses or check-ups. Close these gaps in cover with the outpatient basic supplement plus! If you like using alternative medicine, with plus natura you will benefit from higher contributions and have the option to choose additional treatment methods.

Insured benefits

If prescribed by a doctor: 90% of the costs, unlimited

  • Maximum cover for alternative medicine:
    without natura CHF 3,000 per calendar year
    with natura CHF 6,000 per calendar year
  • Natural treatments: 80% of the costs
  • Recognised methods:
    without natura 50% of the costs
    with natura 80% of the costs
  • Advanced methods: with natura 50% of the costs, max. CHF 1,000 per calendar year

Alternative medicine methods >

Full cost coverage subsequent to the benefits of basic insurance

Increases the limited basic insurance benefits (50% with maximum amounts) to 100% unlimited.

Please note: The statutory cost share is incurred for the portion from basic insurance.

  • Vaccinations: 80% of the costs, up to CHF 220 per calendar year
  • Preventative check-ups: up to CHF 300 per calendar year
  • Precautionary gynaecological examinations90% of the costs,
    one examination per calendar year during the years not covered by basic insurance
  • Health-promoting courses (e.g. giving up smoking, dietary advice):
    up to CHF 150 per calendar year
  • Sports contribution (e.g. gym, relaxation course or sports club):
    up to CHF 200 per calendar year

Recognised types of sport, fitness centres and courses >

  • Prenatal classes with a recognised specialist: up to CHF 200
  • Breastfeeding allowance: up to CHF 250

More on pregnancy and baby >

If prescribed by a doctor: 50% of the costs, up to 12 visits a year

  • Glasses or contact lenses:
    aged up to 18: up to CHF 270 per calendar year
    aged 18 and over: up to CHF 270 within 3 calendar years
  • Other medical aids (e.g. blood pressure monitor, tailor-made insoles, pelvic floor training device):
    50% of the costs, up to CHF 250 per calendar year
  • Check-ups (aged up to 25): CHF 60 per calendar year
  • Orthodontic treatment (aged up to 25): 70% of the costs, up to CHF 10,000
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth: 90% of the costs

For illness-related treatment by therapists who are not subject to the Federal Health Insurance Act (“KVG”) (“independent therapists”)

50% of the costs, up to CHF 1,000 per calendar year

Useful links on alternative medicine

The supplementary outpatient insurance plus overview

Supplementary outpatient insurance plus covers many costs that are not covered or not covered in full by basic insurance, such as medications not covered by statutory insurance, many alternative medical treatment methods, emergency transport, additional preventative measures and aids, antenatal courses and braces.

Our comparison of benefits for supplementary outpatient insurance and basic insurance shows you where supplementary outpatient insurance comes in useful.
To the basic insurance/outpatient benefits comparison >

With the plus natura supplement, you receive higher contributions towards alternative medical treatments and aids and you can choose to use additional alternative medical treatment methods (“advanced treatment methods”).

plus covers the full cost of emergency medical treatment abroad in addition to basic insurance.

Please note: If you plan on travelling abroad, especially outside the EU/EFTA, it is worth taking out tourist or tourist subito travel health insurance. In addition to outpatient treatment, travel health insurance also covers hospital stays, transport, search, rescue and recovery abroad. It also covers additional return trips, including for relatives, and other important benefits in the event of an emergency abroad. More information on travel health insurance >

Yes, supplementary outpatient insurance plus also covers some of the costs of check-ups and treatment at dental practices and orthodontists abroad, provided that the medical staff are trained to an equivalent standard to those in Switzerland and the costs are not higher.

Furthermore, for dental treatment it is worth taking out dental supplementary insurance – for both children and adults. It pays higher contributions towards dental check-ups and covers teeth cleaning, x-rays, treatment and laboratory costs. Including in neighbouring countries.

Yes, you can buy glasses or contact lenses directly from the optician, then submit the invoice to Sympany. However, the invoice must include information about your vision.