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Reporting a death

A death in the family is always extremely difficult for those left behind. We would like to express our sincere condolences to you and your family during this challenging time. 

We will try to keep the admin you need to worry about to an absolute minimum. Health insurance ends upon death and any premiums already paid will of course be refunded. There's just one thing we need your help with: Please notify us of the death by completing the form on this page and sending it by e-mail to E-Mail or by post together with a copy of the death certificate or family record book, if available.

You are also welcome to call us on +41 58 262 42 00.

Download form “Notification of death” >

Death: Questions and answers

A death can be reported by a family member or by social services.

You can report the death to us by sending an email to E-Mail, by post or by calling +41 58 262 42 00. Please use the PDF form. We require a copy of the death certificate or family record book, if available.

Health insurance ends upon death. Any premiums paid beyond the date of death will be refunded.

  • Premium invoice: Premiums must be paid up to the date of death.
  • Benefit statements: Invoices from medical centres, for treatments and so on must be paid and submitted to Sympany. Invoices for benefits assumed directly by Sympany must also be paid.

Premiums paid beyond the date of death will be refunded to you. Any outstanding invoices, e.g. for medical services, will be offset against this and deducted.

You can provide us with a different account so that no invoices are debited from the deceased person's account and no credit is paid out to it. Please send us details together with one of the following certificates: inheritance certificate, certified will or cantonal certificate with information about heirs.

All correspondence will be sent to the postal address on record for the deceased person. Feel free to provide us with a different address.

If the deceased person used our mySympany customer portal, documents such as policies and premium and benefit statements can be accessed digitally there. This applies to documents that we have sent before the death was reported. No further documents will be provided in this profile after the death has been reported.

Are you insured with Sympany under the same policy as the deceased person and the deceased was the person with access to the customer portal? To continue receiving your documents digitally, please create your own profile at The documents of everyone covered by the policy can be found there. The deceased person's documents will be accessible for another six months.

Are you not insured with Sympany? We would be glad to send you the documents you require. Please contact our customer service team to request this.

The main policyholder is the person who normally receives correspondence from Sympany, has access to the customer portal and pays the premiums. Somebody else insured under the policy will now become the main policyholder. This is usually the new person paying the premiums.

Many organisational and administrative tasks have to be handled by the deceased person's family. In addition to cancelling health insurance, remember to amend or terminate other insurance policies such as property and life insurance policies and inform the relevant pension fund and banks.

For more information and checklists, please contact your local authority or visit

If the deceased person has taken out tourist (permanent travel health insurance) or protect (protection of patient rights) insurance for multiple people, the contact will be signed over to the new contact person.

We wish you and your family every strength and would be happy to help you.

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