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Accident Insurance

The compulsory risk cover for everyone

Your advantages

  • You will meet all legal requirements if you take out an accident insurance policy with us.
  • We pay 80% of the salary, the costs associated with treatment and care and pensions.
  • We pay compensation in case of restricted integrity and helplessness.

Our services

  • Continuation of 80% of salary payments from the third day
  • Salaries up to the legally stipulated maximum AIL salary
  • Medical treatment
  • Stay and treatment in the general hospital ward
  • Pension in case of disability or death
  • Compensation if the physical, psychological or mental integrity is permanently restricted, depending on the severity of the impairment
  • Helplessness allowance, depending on the severity of the helplessness
  • Negotiated insurance: Continued insurance of employees for a six-month period following the termination of the employment contract.

Our advantages

  • Electronic recording of absences and damages in the program Sunet, in English, German, French or Italian
  • Modern tariff model based on the solidarity principle
  • Sustainable premium policy
  • Comprehensive support in case of a claim is provided by our Case Management incl. assistance with going back to work.
  • On-site personal consultation in German, French or Italian

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