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Vater und Tochter sind zufriedene Sympany Versicherte und klatschen sich ab

This is what our policyholders say about us

A lot of the feedback from satisfied customers shows that: Sympany is on track to reach its goal – making life easier for its policyholders.

Comparis, amPuls, and confirm satisfaction

Several representative surveys demonstrate the satisfaction of Sympany customers.

Label from customer satisfaction with health insurers, score: good (5.0) carries out an annual survey on the satisfaction of the Swiss population with their insurance providers. Our customers gave Sympany the good score 5.0. The survey focused on the expertise and dedication of our staff, satisfaction with our benefit statements and the comprehensibility of our customer information.

amPuls Customer satisfaction health insurance companies

Sympany also performed “very well” in the survey with 8.1 points. The friendliness and commitment of the insurance staff, availability, speed when answering questions, price-performance ratio, an accommodating attitude to payments, speed of payouts, comprehensibility of customer information as well as general satisfaction factors were analysed.

Sympany was awarded a score of 5.0 in this year’s customer satisfaction survey conducted by Over 3000 people responded and rated health insurance companies in the following areas:

  • Executing contracts: Clarity of information, quotes
  • Processing benefits: Benefit statement, reimbursement period
  • Delivering customer service: Availability, understanding

This is what our policyholders say about us

An extremely welcome letter was waiting for me yesterday in my inbox – the surplus payment. Many thanks for the reimbursement. I almost feel bad about it because I had to have operations on both my knees last year due to arthritis. It was the right decision – I conquered my first four-thousand-metre mountain in July with my new knee. Now I'm making another effort to ensure that my healthcare costs don’t get out of hand.
Elisabeth Spreng Troller, Basel

I received the letter from Sympany yesterday regarding the repayment. What a pleasant surprise! I have to thank you very much for this gesture. People should get in touch when something is done right as well as when things go wrong!
Claire M. from B.

Thank you for your communication regarding my suggestion as well as for the telephone conversation on the same day. Many thanks too for the “gift” enclosed in your letter. Your action is a sound example for many companies and organisations of “customer service in action”, ensuring a successful and convincing approach with significant and valued benefits.
René Gisler, Oberdorf/SO

I’ve been insured under Sympany’s basic and supplementary insurance models for many decades now. Following my hip operation, it’s now become clear that I’m in good hands with my private insurance. Thanks to Sympany and the Merian Iselin clinic, I can walk well again.
Klaus Sachsse from I.

Fantastic customer service on the telephone. Friendly, knowledgeable, quick and flexible.
Massimo M. from T.

Thank you!

Sympany is delighted with the positive feedback and good results. On behalf of all our employees, Sympany would like to thank policyholders for the loyalty they have shown us.

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