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Border commuter insurance euroline

Protects border commuters transnationally

With euroline, the basic Swiss insurance plan from the insurance company Sympany, you can have your cake and eat it too! You live close to the border. You work as a border commuter in Switzerland. You are insured with a statutory health insurance provider in your country of residence for when you’re ill and insured in Switzerland with the health insurance provider with the most experience in dealing with border commuters.

How the border commuter insurance works

  • When you are ill, you can be treated in either Switzerland or your country of residence.
  • With euroline, you will enjoy all of the benefits of compulsory health insurance in Switzerland.
  • You can choose your statutory health insurance cover in Germany yourself.

Sympany is the Swiss health insurance provider with the most experience to offer us border commuters – with a well-established basic insurance which is valid in Switzerland and in your country of residence. That’s why euroline is exactly the right product for me.

Gerd Rinke, 44, engineer and border commuter

What does it mean if I choose the euroline health insurance plan as a border commuter?

With euroline, you are insured in both Switzerland and your country of residence and can visit a doctor in both countries. euroline allows you to access medical treatment in Switzerland and your home country. The statutory benefits list (in accordance with the Swiss Health Insurance Act) applies in Switzerland and the statutory benefits list for benefits in kind valid in your country of residence apply there.

Example for Germany – when taking out a policy, select statutory health insurance in Germany. Sympany will contact the insurance company in question. You will then receive an insurance card from your statutory health insurance provider. When seeking treatment in Germany, you are entitled to all benefits in kind in line with the statutory benefits list.

When seeking treatment in your country of residence, the statutory compulsory benefits and cost contribution regulations of the country of residence apply. The costs are settled in exactly the same way as you are used to in your country of residence from your statutory health insurance provider.

German service providers, for example doctors, physiotherapists and hospitals, settle your bill with the German insurance provider directly. You will not receive an invoice for compulsory benefits. You will, however, be charged an additional fee for any medication and a daily flat rate for stays in hospital.

In France, the costs are shared: the CMU pays one portion and you pay your own portion for each round of treatment.

When seeking treatment in Switzerland, you can enjoy all of the benefits of compulsory health insurance in Switzerland according to Swiss basic insurance as per the Swiss Health Insurance Act. You can choose your own doctor and, if necessary, go straight to a specialist without a referral.

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