With our publications, we inform our customers and interested parties about our annual report, address health topics and provide tips on childhood illnesses.

Annual report

Our annual reports provide information on business performance in previous financial years.

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Customer magazine "Update"

In our customer magazine “Update”, we report on topical issues, convey useful knowledge about health topics and reward our customers with great prize draws.

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Manual "Sarah is ill"

Sarah is ill – but what has she got? With the aid of our brochure, everyone who looks after children and needs a practical tip quickly can find out rapidly what illness it could be, what they can do and whether or not a visit to the doctor is recommended.

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Colouring Book "Ich gehe ins Spital"

The “Ich gehe ins Spital” colouring book allows children aged between three and six to find out about the hospital and various different treatments as they play. Order your free copy now!

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