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“I feel valued as a customer”

You’ll see posters advertising Sympany’s “Swim for free” offer at many Swiss swimming pools. Customer Advisory Council member Véronique Robin helped with the campaign. But how?

Back in the spring, 37,000 children and young adults – all insured with Sympany – got some exciting post from us. The envelope contained a letter and their Sympany pool card. It’s a bit like a membership card that gets them into a number of swimming pools in Switzerland and southern Germany for free.

Véronique Robin knows the pool card well – the 32-year-old from Basel couldn’t be without hers in years gone by. And just recently, she got a chance to dip her toes back into the “Swim for free” world, this time as a Customer Advisory Council member. We asked her how and why.

As a Customer Advisory Council member, you and your colleagues gave your thoughts on the “Swim for free” letters and posters. What exactly did that involve?

Véronique Robin: We provided feedback on various poster designs and drafts of the letters. Our group’s opinions varied somewhat, which I found interesting. “Swim for free” is an offer for younger people, so my feedback was particularly valuable to Sympany.

What changes did Sympany end up making?

We were mostly shown different variants. For the poster, for example, we were given two different headlines. We then discussed which formulation felt more appealing, and Sympany took our suggestions on board. The letter was simplified based on our feedback.

Why do you join the Sympany Customer Advisory Council?

Initially out of pure curiosity. But the first time my opinions were asked for, I really understood the attraction of the role. I get a lot out of digging deep into campaigns and texts, and discussing things with such a wide range of people. Together, we can help shape Sympany’s services. I also feel valued as a customer as I can express my opinions on various topics. And the delicious ice cream they serve at the summer meetings is, of course, a welcome bonus.

Do you or your family use “Swim for free”? Do you have a favourite pool?

I love how many different open-air swimming pools there are in Basel, especially the amount that work with Sympany. I can’t take advantage of it myself any more due to the age limit, but my nieces and nephews are always using it. Their current favourite is the Bachgraben Bad.

Thank you for speaking to us, Véronique.

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