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“I can voice my opinion as a customer”

Roland Thommen is dedicated – at Sympany and beyond. He is a volunteer member of the Customer Advisory Council. What drives him?

Hailing from Entlebuch, he has been insured by Sympany “for a very long time indeed” and became a member of the Customer Advisory Council in 2021. Roland Thommen has broad interests. He is currently working on documenting his family history, for example, on account of which he frequently travels to Basel. We had a chat with him there about his role on the Customer Advisory Council.

What was the last thing you did on the Customer Advisory Council?

Roland Thommen: Our group discussed a draft of the newsletter, among other things. We thought it was going to be about travel insurance. But it was actually about capita accident risk insurance. None of us noticed that at first … Sympany then revised the newsletter.

Why are you a member of the Customer Advisory Council? What drives you?

I love doing my bit. I’ve always been like that. On the Customer Advisory Council, I can voice my opinion and suggestions and discuss them with the other members. The Customer Advisory Council is a highly diverse group of people. Some live in cities and some live in the countryside. Some are pensioners like me and some are still working. Everyone gets involved and wants to have their say in “their” health insurer. That’s what makes it exciting.

The only thing the Customer Advisory Council is good for is Sympany’s image. What do you make of that statement?

I see it differently. Members of the Customer Advisory Council represent the interests of policyholders. We’re definitely critical, but constructively so. Sympany listens to us very carefully, takes an interest in our opinions and is open to ideas and suggestions – within the limits of what’s possible, of course.

Thank you for speaking to us, Mr Thommen.

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