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Top tips for holiday health

Summer is holiday season. So that you can relax and enjoy your holiday, you should answer some important questions long before you plan to set off.

What you need to clarify before the trip:

  • Have you had the vaccinations you need to visit your destination?
  • Do you have sufficient supplies of the medication you need? Can any emergency medication still be used?
  • Is your first-aid kit complete? Don’t forget to pack painkillers, wound ointments and dressings. An antihistamine gel for mosquito bites and sunburn may also be useful.
  • Are there any special requirements for accommodation or clothing?

Ideally, you should arrange an appointment at your family doctor practice four to six weeks before your trip or, depending on your destination, at a tropical institute eight to twelve weeks before your trip. They can inform you about infectious diseases in the country you are travelling to and check your vaccination status. Make sure you remember to pack your vaccination record!

Dr. med. York Christopher Damm

By Dr York Christopher Damm, General Practitioner/Specialist in General Practice (D) FMH, Centramed Zürich City

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