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The virtual medical centre

With the eedoctors app, you can have a video consultation with a doctor in Switzerland from wherever you are in the world. The virtual medical centre is part of the programme for Sympany customers. If you become unwell and are insured on the casamed family doctor or euroline (Germany or France) models, you have the option to either visit your family doctor or get help from an eedoctors doctor via video consultation – without having to make an appointment and every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • You will be given medical certificates, electronic prescriptions or referrals to specialists/the hospital should you so need
  • Available 365 days a year anywhere in the world – ideal for tourists, business travellers and border commuters
  • No waiting time, no need to make an appointment
  • Treatment provided by experienced doctors accredited in Switzerland
  • Video consultation for a precise diagnosis
  • Price cap: you will pay no more than CHF 76 per treatment

Dr Gabriela Stöckli, General Internal Medicine Specialist at eedoctors

More than 90 per cent of general medical cases can be completely resolved with the video consultation.

How does eedoctors work?

If you are sick, you consult the doctor on duty at eedoctors via the app first. You can choose between a free chat consultation or a video consultation, which is subject to a charge.

If necessary, you will be given medical guidance, an e-prescription, a medical certificate or a referral. You can go to the ophthalmologist, gynaecologist or paediatrician directly without being referred by eedoctors.

How it works

  • Download the eedoctors app from the App Store or Google Play. Sign up in the eedoctors app.
  • Enter the information on your insurance card and your chosen payment method under “payment method”. For security reasons, eedoctors reserves a flat-rate amount of CHF 60 on your credit card at the start of each consultation.
  • After the consultation, eedoctors will issue an invoice for any costs incurred and debit the amount via your specified payment method. Treatment costs no more than CHF 76.
  • Enter the information on your insurance card in the “health insurance” option from the menu and activate “reclaim receipt”. You’ll receive this receipt in PDF format by e-mail and can submit it to Sympany directly via mySympany or by E-Mail.
  • Sympany then refunds you the costs for the benefits received minus the franchise and deductible.

eedoctors and Sympany are partners

eedoctors is the medical centre on your smartphone. The video app allows patients to be treated by doctors in Switzerland wherever they are in the world. The Swiss company and Sympany have been partners since 2018. Sympany is the first health insurance provider in Switzerland to integrate the virtual medical treatment provided by eedoctors into its compulsory basic insurance.

More information about eedoctors

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