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hospita private supplementary hospital insurance

Private health insurance for treatment in hospital

Do you want maximum privacy and the best medical care without compromises in the event of illness or accident? Then hospita private insurance is perfect for you: private room, free choice of doctor, free choice of hospital throughout Switzerland – the best conditions for regaining good health in peace and quiet.

Insured benefits

Emergencies and elective treatment in a private ward (private room) at all recognised hospitals throughout Switzerland

Treatment in a private room (private ward) until repatriation is medically possible

  • Transport: Increases the limited basic insurance benefits (50% with maximum amounts) to 100% unlimited.
    Please note: The contribution from basic insurance incurs the statutory cost contribution.
  • Rescue and recovery: full assumption of costs

If prescribed by a doctor and a hospital stay can be avoided or shortened as a result:

up to CHF 45 per day, but a maximum of CHF 630 per calendar year;
double this amount for persons looking after children


  • In a recognised hospital in Switzerland: private ward (single room)
  • At a maternity clinic not on the cantonal hospital list: 100% of the costs

Home help:

  • After hospital birth (if prescribed by a doctor): up to CHF 90 per day, but a maximum of CHF 1,260 per birth
  • After home or outpatient birth: up to CHF 135, but a maximum of CHF 1,890 per birth

If prescribed by a doctor:

  • Rest and recuperation therapy: CHF 90 per day, up to 21 days per case
  • Spa treatments: CHF 30 per day, up to 21 days per calendar year

Recognised recuperation and health spas>

Care and support for sick children up to the age of 12 by a recognised professional, provided that the parent/guardian is gainfully employed during the care period:

up to CHF 30 per hour, up to CHF 600 per calendar year

Up to CHF 100 per day for

  • Rooming-in: the option of staying in the same hospital room as the child or for parents to stay in accommodation outside the hospital
  • Family room: in the case of inpatient births, the costs of the accompanying parent’s stay in a family room will also be covered

hospita private health insurance in a nutshell

Privately insured means that you have taken out supplementary hospital insurance that covers the costs of a stay in the private ward (private room) of a hospital. It also offers a free choice of doctor and hospital throughout Switzerland. Of all the departments in the hospital, the private ward (as the name suggests) is the one with the greatest degree of privacy and the highest level of comfort.

The main difference lies in the ward in which you are accommodated in the hospital: in the semi-private ward, you will be in a twin room, while in the private ward you will have a room to yourself for even more quiet and comfort. In addition, private health insurance pays higher contributions, for example towards home help or spa treatments.

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Which option suits you better depends on your budget and your needs. Calculate your premium online or ask for advice. We are always happy to help you!

Private health insurance is the premium supplementary hospital insurance offer. In addition to complete privacy and maximum comfort in a private room, private health insurance also offers benefits when it comes to medical care: privately insured persons can choose for themselves which doctor they want to be treated by – in other words, they can contact an expert in the relevant specialist field.

Like all other hospita options, hospita private offers additional benefits that are not covered at all or only to a limited extent by basic insurance, such as home help or rooming-in for families. hospita private pays significantly higher amounts than the other hospita options.

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A comparison of all hospita supplementary hospital insurance options

  • hospita general
    General ward: upgrades basic insurance to include any hospital anywhere in Switzerland

  • hospita semi-private
    Semi-private ward: free choice of doctor and hospital and hospital stay in a twin room – for more peace and comfort

  • hospita private
    Private ward: free choice of doctor and hospital and hospital stay in a private room – maximum privacy and comfort

  • hospita flex
    Flexible choice of ward: free choice of hospital and, depending on the insured option, free choice of doctor. Upon admission to hospital: choice of multiple-occupancy, twin and private rooms

  • hospita global
    Private ward anywhere in the world: free choice of doctor and hospital and hospital stays in a private room – privacy and comfort all over the world

  • hospita private accident
    Upgrade: upgrade to private accident cover