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Information about hospitals without collective agreements (hospital lists)

With private or semi-private supplementary hospital insurance from Sympany, you enjoy a free choice of all hospitals and doctors across Switzerland. However, we require that the hospital, institution or non-resident doctor you choose has concluded a collective agreement with us.

Collective agreements improve quality and lower costs

Sympany makes every effort to keep increases in healthcare costs, and therefore your premiums, as low as possible. But quality of treatment is, of course, our top priority. We therefore strive to offer services that provide proven added value to your physical recovery at fair prices. Sometimes, however, the prices acceptable to the two negotiating parties are too far apart. A collective agreement cannot be made. You can see whether we will still cover the costs in these cases in our lists.

Negative list

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any costs for the service providers on this list:
negative list

Maximum tariff list

Your costs will be reimbursed up to a certain limit.
There are currently no hospitals on our maximum tariff list.

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