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Pregnant in summer: cool tips for hot days

High temperatures don't make it easy for expectant moms. With these tips, you'll get through the heat just fine.

Food and beverages

Eat easily digestible food and make sure you drink enough fluids. On hot days, you can drink a little more than usual. Water, unsweetened tea and juice spritzers are ideal thirst quenchers.

Clothing and sun protection

Loose, airy clothing made of breathable material such as linen is ideal. Tight clothing, on the other hand, promotes heat accumulation. Always make sure you wear a high level of sun protection.

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Cooling down

 A damp towel in front of the window cools the room temperature pleasantly.


Regular moderate exercise keeps the circulation going. A refreshing visit to the swimming pool or short walks in the morning or evening hours are particularly suitable for this.

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