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Sleeping well in summer – easier said than done!

The most important thing when it's hot: keep the air in your bedroom cool and dry. The ideal temperature is 16 to 18 °C.

The following tips also promote a restful night:

  • Don't eat too much or too late in the evening.
  • Drink enough.
  • Exercise makes the body tired, but not directly before going to bed (allow yourself at least 1 hour break).
  • Add calm to your evening ritual – yoga, meditation or mental training prepare you for a good night's sleep.
  • Wear breathable, thin cotton nightwear.
  • Keep the sleeping environment quiet and provide insect protection.
  • Avoid electronic devices in the bedroom.

If nothing helps, it is better to get up and read a book, for example. In any case, you should avoid the smartphone, computer or TV. The blue light simulates daylight and makes you wake up again.

Dr. Andrea Vincenzo Braga, Facharzt für Chirurgie, Allgemeinmedizin, Sportmedizin bei eedoctors

By Dr Andrea Vincenzo Braga, specialist in surgery, general medicine and sports medicine at eedoctors

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