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Organisation and duties of the Foundation Board

The Foundation Board supervises the Sympany Foundation and is responsible for its strategic direction. It elects the Chair of the Executive Board, who is in turn responsible for electing the other members of the Executive Board.

The duties of the Foundation Board also include approving the annual report, annual financial statements and budget, appointing the auditor and amending the Foundation’s articles of association, as well as adopting and amending important regulations such as on the investment of the Foundation’s assets.

The members of the Foundation Board also serve on the boards of directors of the subsidiaries Vivao Sympany AG, Moove Sympany AG, Kolping Krankenkasse AG, Sympany Versicherungen AG and Sympany Services AG.


Each permanent committee comprises two to four members elected by the Foundation Board from their own ranks, each for one period of office.

Auditing Committee

This committee assists the Foundation Board in monitoring financial affairs at Sympany. It analyses the results of audits and provides the Foundation Board with recommendations regarding the approval of the annual financial statements, the investment strategy and reporting on risk management. The committee also oversees and reviews the work of the external auditor.

  • Chair: Martha Scheiber
  • Members: Serge Altmann, Andreas Krümmel, Siegfried Walser

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

This committee supports the Foundation Board in identifying new members and in the appointment, dismissal and compensation of members of the Executive Board. It also assesses the work of the Executive Board and its CEO and makes remuneration proposals for members of the Foundation Board.

  • Chair: Jürg Galliker
  • Members: Sacha Geier, Andreas Krümmel

IT Committee

This committee assists the Foundation Board in assessing IT projects and risks.

  • Chair: Sunnie Jaye Groeneveld
  • Member: Rolf Baumann