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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Sympany Holding AG is responsible for the strategic direction of Sympany. It elects the Chair of the Executive Board and further members of the Executive Board on the Chair’s recommendation.

The Board of Directors also approves the annual report, the annual financial statements and the proposal for the election of the auditor for consideration by the General Meeting. It is also responsible for amending the articles of association, for issuing and amending important regulations, and for approving the budget.

The members of the Board of Directors of Sympany Holding AG also serve on the boards of directors of the subsidiaries Vivao Sympany AG, Sympany Versicherungen AG and Sympany Services AG.


The current term of office ends on 31 December 2026. The Board of Directors is made up of six members and is composed as follows:

Election and mandate

Election to the Board of Directors is based on the person’s professional and personal qualifications. A term of office is three years and each member may serve a maximum of four terms.


Each permanent committee comprises two to three members elected by the Board of Directors from their own ranks, each for one period of office.

Finance and Risk Committee

Assists the Board of Directors with financial supervision of the company and risk management. In particular, it monitors the audit functions and analyses their reporting. It also focuses on financial and liquidity planning, investment strategy and reporting, the budget for administrative costs, and risk management reporting.

  • Chair: Martha Scheiber
  • Members: Dominic Rau, Andreas Krümmel

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Assists the Board of Directors with governance issues and the appointment and remuneration of members of strategic and operational management. In particular, it prepares for elections held by the Board of Directors, submits proposals for remuneration of members of the Board of Directors, and assesses proposed remuneration to be paid to the Executive Board. It also monitors strategically important HR issues.

  • Chair: Jürg Galliker
  • Members: Sacha Geier, Andreas Krümmel

Digitalisation and Transformation Committee

Assists the Board of Directors in the areas of innovation and digital transformation. In particular, it keeps an eye on innovative developments in the market and monitors the strategic project portfolio and progress with cybersecurity measures.

  • Chair: Sunnie Jaye Groeneveld
  • Member: Sacha Geier, Andreas Krümmel
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