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Eating for a healthy colon

Our diet not only has an effect on our well-being, but it also impacts our risk of colorectal cancer. So, what can we do to benefit our colon? We’ve got four simple tips for you.

Achieve long-term healthy eating with 4 simple tips:

  • Breaks between meals
  • Enough dietary fibre
  • End meal at 90% fullness
  • Eating at a set table and in company


"After eating, you should rest or take 1,000 steps" - and then just a few more... Try it with the help of your mobile phone pedometer: those who walk the 10,000 steps per day recommended for the heart have a noticeably better digestion.

Prevention from 50 onwards

Dietary habits not only influence our well-being, but also our risk of bowel cancer. A simple screening by means of a stool test or colonoscopy is offered to all over 50-year-olds in the majority of cantons. Ask your cancer league for more information.

By Prof. Dr. med. Viviane Hess, Head of Prevention and Early Detection, Krebsliga beider Basel

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