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Gentle exercise for a strong back

Strong muscles stabilise the torso and relieve stress on the bones, tendons and ligaments. As is so often the case, prevention is better than cure, for example with targeted strength training.

But even chronic conditions can be eased or even cured completely. Nuanced, personalised strength training is particularly helpful in cases of back pain which worsens slowly without a specific cause. And, even after physiotherapy, it is important that you continue following a strength training programme designed to suit you in order to prevent the pain recurring.

To do this:

  • Find a qualified training centre, ideally one with links to physiotherapy services.
  • Have your physical function and endurance tested by an expert in movement.
  • Perform the exercises you've been taught slowly and carefully – quality over quantity! This protects weaker body parts and slowly strengthens them.
  • Be patient and set yourself realistic goals.

Please note: you must always go to your family doctor if you experience acute, shooting pain – particularly if you have an injury or an accompanying illness.

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This health tip was written by Simon Heinis
who works as a physiotherapist at Merian Santé.

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