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Information about premiums in 2024

The health insurance premiums serve to cover the costs of the population’s medical care. The premiums for each policyholder can vary greatly, however, because the premium is influenced by numerous factors.

1. Rising healthcare costs

The premiums in compulsory basic insurance reflect healthcare costs. So, the more sharply the costs of medical treatments rise in a given year, the more premiums will rise in the following year.

Why will premiums increase sharply for many customers next year?

No doubt you’ll have already seen in the press: We have seen another significant rise in health care costs, yet premiums have not kept pace with this trend. Next year, therefore, most health insurers will increase their premiums by a considerable amount. Previously, Sympany has been able to curb premium increases thanks to a voluntary reduction of reserves. Now, however, we need to increase premiums again to a level which will enable us to cover costs.

What is Sympany doing to counter rising health costs?

The rise in health costs is relentless. We know that many policyholders are finding it increasingly difficult to pay their premiums. Sympany is working hard to counter the rise in health costs and premiums by joining forces with industry association santésuisse and other partners.

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2. No more discounts for children and young adults

For basic insurance, children up to and including the age of 18 will receive a children’s discount (72–77%). Young adults up to and including the age of 25 will benefit from a young person’s discount (25%) for basic insurance. After these ages, these discounts will lapse from the beginning of the following calendar year. This is stipulated by the Swiss Federal Law on Sickness Insurance (KVG). In 2024, this will affect policyholders born in 2005 and 1998.

3. Changes to age groups for supplementary insurance policies

Premiums for supplementary insurance are graded according to age group. Moving to the next age group will result in a premium adjustment. In the most common supplementary insurance policies – such as the outpatient supplementary insurance policies plus and premium and supplementary hospital insurance  – these age groups apply: up to 18, 19 up to and including 25, then 5-year increments up to 60, 61 to 70 and 71 to 80 years. Premiums remain unchanged from the age of 81.

4. Other factors

Other factors that may influence the premium amount for supplementary insurance policies include: 

  • Change of residence or canton
  • Changes to family structure
  • Individual no-claims bonuses can lapse when you claim benefits again.

Residence in Switzerland

Changes in premiums for policyholders 

Residence abroad

Changes in premiums for policyholders 

What can you do to keep your premiums as low as possible?

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